As your trusted friend, we’re here with the “Reader’s Digest version” of social issues that impact the world around you. From gun violence statistics to the history behind the black power fist, and how to be an LGBTQ ally, our explainers will break it all down.

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    A New Set of Shopping Tips in the Pandemic

    How can you find in-demand items—and get them (and everything else) at the best prices possible? Rule #1: Don't rely...

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    15 Words and Phrases That Perfectly Defined 2020

    It has been a year unlike any other—and that has spurred the use of new words and resurrected old ones...

    10 Best Neck Gaiters for Coronavirus Protection

    Some neck gaiters can be safe and effective face coverings for coronavirus protection if worn correctly. Here are some of...

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    What Airlines Losing Money Could Mean for You

    Airlines have been hemorrhaging money in recent months, another casualty of COVID-19. The U.S. government has bailed them out repeatedly...but...

    30 Statistics That Show the Undeniable Reality of Structural Racism in America

    Want proof that racism infiltrates every level of American society? Easy. Just look at the numbers.

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    13 Shortages We’re Likely to See This Winter Because of COVID-19

    Earlier in the year, it was hard to find things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Now, as we head...

    I Created a Product That Could Save Hundreds of Young Black Lives

    After watching Philando Castile's murder at a traffic stop on the news, Jacquelyn Carter—a former court reporter turned social justice...

    The Real Reason We Vote on a Tuesday in November

    It's a 175-year-old tradition that starts with drunks and farmers. But is it worth keeping?

    20 Vintage Photos of What Voting Used to Look Like

    Voting is a staple of American democracy—and in many cases, a hard-won right. These glimpses of past elections will remind...

    Election 2020: 8 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Get Out the Vote

    It's important for everyone to play an active role in choosing our government representatives—especially this year. Here's how you can...

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    Here’s What Happens If a President Won’t Leave Office

    It's more complicated than you might think.

    10 Everyday Examples of the Glaring Reality of White Privilege

    Chances are, if you're tired of hearing about White privilege, you've probably spent a lifetime benefiting from it.

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    12 Ways Coronavirus Changed How We Shop Forever

    It's made a difference in both what we buy and how we buy it.

    Why I Will Get the Coronavirus Vaccine as Soon as It’s Available

    There isn't one aspect of our lives a vaccine wouldn't help.

    16 Photos of Social-Distancing Symbols from Around the World

    From miniature airplanes to oversized stuffed animals, cities around the world are using various tools and symbols to make people...

    As a Black Man, Here’s Why I’m Afraid to Wear My Mask

    Deciding to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19—or not—puts Black people between a rock and a hard...

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    Can Loud Talking Spread Coronavirus?

    Sneezing and coughing can spread COVID-19. But what about talking, singing, chanting, and yelling? Here's what medical experts know so...

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    11 Signs You May Have Already Had COVID-19

    You felt lousy, you had trouble breathing—did you have COVID-19? Here's what the experts say you should look for if...

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    10 Coronavirus Symptoms Everyone Should Watch For

    Scientists are starting to understand the symptoms of the new coronavirus. Here's what you need to know.

    What Would Happen If the U.S. Stopped Minting Coins?

    The global pandemic has led to a coin shortage in the United States. But why do we need coins at...

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    The 13 Most Common Election Scams and How to Spot Them

    Intelligence agencies say there are more scams and other types of election interference than ever. Here's how to protect yourself...

    What Facebook Can Learn from Twitter About Combating Hate Speech

    With a nationwide reckoning of systemic racism and a presidential election looming, Facebook and Twitter are facing pressure to address...

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    10 Best Face Masks for Teachers on Amazon

    Keep students, faculty, and staff safe during back-to-school season with these best face masks for teachers for coronavirus protection on...

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    This Man Was Superfit When He Got COVID-19—And Then He Lost His Leg

    After a severe COVID-19 diagnosis, a personal trainer is left in a wheelchair after having his right leg and left...

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    18 Positive Ways the World May Change After Coronavirus

    There are some surprising silver linings to the devastation of the COVID-19 crisis.