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10 Extraordinary Uses for Objects on Thanksgiving

Apples Useful for absorbing salt in soups and stews. Salting to taste is one thing, but it is possible to


Useful for absorbing salt in soups and stews.
Salting to taste is one thing, but it is possible to overdo it. When you find yourself getting heavy-handed with the saltshaker, simply drop a few apple (or potato) wedges in your pot. After cooking for another 10 minutes or so, remove the wedges along with the excess salt.


Helps you remove turkey stuffing with ease.
To keep turkey dressing from sticking to the bird’s insides, pack the dressing in cheesecloth before you stuff it into the turkey’s cavity. When the turkey is ready to serve, pull out the cheesecloth and the stuffing will slide out with it.


Makes cutting herbs a cinch.

Use clean household scissors to snip fresh herbs and green onions into salads or mixing bowls. Scissors are also perfect for cutting steam vents in the top crust of a pie about to be put in the oven.

Nonstick Spray

Simplifies cheese grating.
Put less elbow grease into grating cheese by using a nonstick cooking spray on your cheese grater for smoother grating. The spray also makes for easier and faster cleanup.

Dental Floss

Makes cutting cakes a breeze.
Use dental floss to cut cakes, especially delicate and sticky ones that tend to adhere to a knife. Just hold a length of the floss taut over the cake and then slice away, moving it slightly side to side as you cut through the cake. You can also use dental floss to cut small blocks of cheese cleanly.

Vegetable Peelers

Helps slice slivers of cheese or chocolate.
When you need cheese slivers that are thinner than you can cut with a knife, or you want to decorate a cake with fine curlicues of chocolate, reach for the vegetable peeler.

Softens hard butter fast.
You’re ready to add the butter to your cake mix when you discover that the only sticks you have are as hard as a rock. When you need to soften cold, hard butter in a hurry, shave off what you need with a vegetable peeler. You’ll have soft butter in moments.

Ice Cube Trays

A handy way to store leftover wine.
Here’s what to do with that half-drunk bottle of red or white wine: Freeze the wine into cubes that can be used later in pasta sauce, casseroles, or stews.

Ice Cream Scoop

Helps make butter balls.
At your next large family gathering, scoop out large globes of butter or margarine to serve to your guests. A smaller scoop, or melon baller, can create individual-size balls of butter.

Scoop ice cream ahead of time.

If you’re tiring of constantly being bugged by your kids for a scoop of ice cream, try this tip. Scoop several scoops of ice cream onto a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet, spaced apart. Place the sheet with the scoops back in your freezer to re-harden. Remove the scoops from the wax paper and pile them up in a self-sealing plastic bag. The next time the kids want a scoop of strawberry ice cream, they can help themselves.

Coffee Filters

Easily degrease gravy.
Beef and poultry drippings from a roast make the most delicious, flavorful gravy base but are often small grease bombs. Save the flavor and kill the fat by straining the cooking juices through a paper coffee filter.


Pour perfect batter.
To make picture-perfect pancakes, cookies, and muffins, simply fill your baster with batter so that you can pour just the right amount onto a griddle or cookie sheet or into a muffin pan.

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