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10 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to show how much you care.


Whether they like a Riesling or a Malbec, a carefully selected wine with satin ribbon is a perfect way for the couple to share a romantic moment.

His & Hers Remote Controls

Have a little fun and purchase a universal remote for both the bride and groom to keep those pesky arguments about what to watch on TV away. If you want to add a little something more to the gift, buy the couple a gift certificate for one free month of Netflix as well.


Head to your local spice shop or gourmet store and purchase a mix of unique sweet and savory spices that the newlyweds can use while cooking at home. Spices will also easily pack in your suitcase for a destination wedding and most spices have a long shelf-life.

Handmade Shopping Totes

Purchase two plain tote bags and decorative iron-ons and personalize bags for the bride and groom. Perfect for the environmentally-conscious pair, these bags will add fun to their trips to the market or carry their beach items on their honeymoon.

Decoupage Coasters

Find out where the happy couple first met or where they’re headed for their honeymoon and purchase a map of the area. Using scissors, plain cork coasters (available at your local craft store) and some Mod Podge®, create thoughtful coasters that will have them reminiscing. A beautiful ribbon or box makes the perfect presentation.

Couples’ Coffee

Create a gift basket with two mugs and a pound of the couple’s favorite coffee. If the couple doesn’t drink coffee, replace with tea or their favorite beverage. Get creative by hand painting mugs at a do-it-yourself pottery store or create personalized ones with images at

Seeds of Love

Your local home improvement store or nursery will have packets of seeds, from perennials to herbs, which can be planted year round. Buy one or two packets and place them in decorative ceramic planters. Add two pairs of gardening gloves, and two trowels, and you’ve got a wonderful way for the couple to watch their garden grow along with their happy union.

Movie Night

Find out the couple’s nearest movie theater and purchase a gift certificate for two tickets and a snack combo. After all of the wedding planning, the couple will appreciate an evening alone at the movies. If you want to make the night extra special, splurge for a gift certificate to their favorite local restaurant so they can enjoy dinner and a movie.

Recipe Box

Compile your favorite recipes into a handmade or vintage recipe box. Try to give at least one recipe for each meal or theme your collection based on breakfasts, desserts, or casseroles.

Game Night Collection

Pick out some fun, retro board games to help grow the couple’s collection. Perfect for entertaining guests or a cozy evening at home, they’ll love this old-fashioned fun.


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