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11 Expert Secrets to Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is not all about eating your vegetables (though that certainly helps). In a Disease Prevention Survey, Reader’s Digest surveyed more than 100 physicians who specialize in preventive medicine and asked all sorts of questions relating to chronic diseases and how to avoid them. These tidbits of verbatim advice leapt off the page and convinced us that health really does spring from a life well lived.

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‘Believe in something good.’

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‘Focus on a higher sense of purpose.’

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‘Develop your unique potential.’

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‘Eat less, exercise more, and have fun.’

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‘Love the ones you're with (spouse, children, extended family, faith family, neighbors, co-workers, community members).’

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‘Achieve balance in your life.’

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‘Exercise every day, eat a well-balanced diet, maintain meaningful social interactions and relationships, and choose work that is important to you.’

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‘Find meaning in your life.’

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‘Get eight hours or more of sleep a day.’

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‘Manage stress and enjoy your friends.’

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‘Stay positive and have a family physician who helps you to prevent disease and improve health.’

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest