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15 Funny Notes Found Around the U.S.

The flotsam and jetsam of our lives can be hysterical. Read these bits of life courtesy of

Love Me!
FOUND by Liz Schmidt in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lost Semi-Telepathic Cat
FOUND by Jenna T in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Who Told You I Was a Bedbug?
FOUND by Leigh in New York City, NY

Happy Monkey
FOUND by Diane Hagen in Southfield, Michigan

Flameing Sowerd of Darkness
FOUND in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I Am a Giggle Bug
FOUND by Allen Jones in Louisville, Kentucky

Found in a classroom I was helping clean.

Writtin My Info
FOUND by Adam Watkins in Eldersburg, Maryland

26 Benjamin
FOUND by Brian in San Francisco, California

Chapter 1
FOUND by Aaron Rossell in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hats and Anarchy
FOUND by Freddie in Portland, Oregon

Through Your Throat
FOUND by Hiplainsdrifter in South Portland, Maine

Don’t Eat It
FOUND by Kaytee in my school

Pain au Chocolat
FOUND by Genevieve in Flat Rock, Michigan

No Liver, No Yoghurt Raisins
FOUND by Blaine in Montana

Meow to the 47th
FOUND by Sofia M. in Denton, Texas

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