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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

15 Funny Notes Found Around the U.S.

The flotsam and jetsam of our lives can be hysterical. Read these bits of life courtesy of

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Love Me!
FOUND by Liz Schmidt in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Lost Semi-Telepathic Cat
FOUND by Jenna T in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Who Told You I Was a Bedbug?
FOUND by Leigh in New York City, NY

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Happy Monkey
FOUND by Diane Hagen in Southfield, Michigan

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Flameing Sowerd of Darkness
FOUND in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I Am a Giggle Bug
FOUND by Allen Jones in Louisville, Kentucky

Found in a classroom I was helping clean.

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Writtin My Info
FOUND by Adam Watkins in Eldersburg, Maryland

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26 Benjamin
FOUND by Brian in San Francisco, California

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Chapter 1
FOUND by Aaron Rossell in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Hats and Anarchy
FOUND by Freddie in Portland, Oregon

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Through Your Throat
FOUND by Hiplainsdrifter in South Portland, Maine

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Don’t Eat It
FOUND by Kaytee in my school

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Pain au Chocolat
FOUND by Genevieve in Flat Rock, Michigan

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No Liver, No Yoghurt Raisins
FOUND by Blaine in Montana

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Meow to the 47th
FOUND by Sofia M. in Denton, Texas

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