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18 of the Weirdest Food Combinations People Have Admitted to Trying

Some of these strange food combinations are pretty wild. Don't knock it 'til you try it though—pizza with Nutella tastes surprisingly good.

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 Banana and mayo

Spread mayo on some bread and slice up a banana to make a surprisingly delicious sandwich. Chefs, of course, know all about mixing foods in interesting ways. Here are some weird food combinations that chefs secretly love.

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Bananas and ketchup

Sweet and salty perfection? Maybe not. This is one of those weird food combinations that seems pretty gross, but some people like it.

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Pineapple, banana, and cucumber

Technically a cucumber is a fruit, so this weird food combination makes a nice fruit salad. Have you heard these odd food stories?

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 Pizza and Nutella

Creamy chocolate with melted cheese? They both sound delicious, but maybe not together.

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 Burgers and jelly

Spread jelly on top of your burger like you would ketchup for a sweet taste. This is one of the many weird food combinations that isn’t the healthiest choice, but other food combos can help to dramatically boost your health.

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 French fries and ice cream

This is a delicious combo of sweet and salty.

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 Peanut butter and tomato

Not sure if we can get behind this weird food combination. If someone brave tries this, let us know how it is.

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Peanut butter and bacon

Spread peanut butter on a piece of toast and top it with bacon. You could even add banana and make it an Elvis sandwich. Probably not foods you would have initially thought to put together, but people swear by it.

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Peanut butter and dill pickle 

Make a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich for a new spin on lunch.

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Peanut butter and bologna

Apparently little kids like this, but then again, they’ll eat anything (except their veggies!).

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 Meat sauce and french toast

Not sure whether we would eat this weird food combination for breakfast or dinner. If this makes you feel a little queasy, a funny turkey pun or two may help settle your stomach.

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Potato chips and ice cream

Potato chips taste really good when dipped in slightly melted ice cream. If you think all of these weird food combos look delicious, you should visit these strange food festivals from across the country.

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Popcorn and milk

Instead of pouring milk over a bowl of cereal, try pouring it over a bowl of freshly popped popcorn.

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Bacon and jelly

This weird food combination tastes delicious on a warm piece of toast.

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Salami and grapes

To make this easier to eat, try wrapping the grape in a small slice of salami. This may be tasty, but other foods can contain unexpected ingredients too, and you probably don’t realize that you’re eating these 9 disgusting (and dangerous) things.

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Salt and pepper and apples

Slice up an apple and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. No, it’s not cinnamon, but it still tastes weirdly good.

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Rice and ketchup

We’ll stick to topping our rice with salt.

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18 of the Weirdest Food Combinations People Have Ever Tried
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Oreos and orange juice

This food combo definitely has more of a kick than Oreos and milk.