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24 Party Foods from the Supermarket That Famous Cooks Swear By

Famous cooks share the foods you should always pick up from the supermarket before hosting a party.

Dried Chickpeas as high detailed close-up shot on a vintage wooden table; selective focusHandmadePictures/Shutterstock

Canned Chickpeas

“They’re wonderful to just throw into a food processor and puree with a little bit of garlic and whatever else you have available—sun-dried tomato, any kind of fresh herb, dry herb. Season with just a little bit of salt and pepper, and you make a really fun, quick hummus.” —Chef Michael Psilakis. These easy finger foods are perfect for any party.

Champagne bottle closeup with copy space.Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock


“You’d be surprised how a simple thing like champagne, as opposed to wine, really gets everything going in the direction you want it to.” —Chef Michael Psilakis. If you like to buy in bulk, these are the healthiest party foods you can pick up at Costco.

grilled artichoke with lemon in a pan. Flatlay. copy space. top viewLyudmila Mikhailovskaya/Shutterstock

Roasted red peppers, artichokes, and mushrooms in a jar

“No fuss. Very, very simple. And if you get a really, really good quality brand in a jar, they eliminate so much time that you’d spend getting them ready yourself.” —Chef Michael Psilakis

Fresh chicken brown and white home eggs with cracked eggshell and yolk in bowl at rustic wood table. Top view with copy space. Rural still life, natural healthy food and organic farming concept.Prostock-studio/Shutterstock


“Whenever (my mom) ran into a wall as far as time was concerned, she would just cut up some French fries and deep-fry them and make a big French fry and egg omelet with tomato—very, very traditional Greek food.” —Chef Michael Psilakis

Olive oil immersed canned tuna foodHelloRF Zcool/Shutterstock

Canned Italian tuna fish

“I think that’s such an extraordinary product. And it’s something that can be made into a canapé or a salad.” —Chef Thomas Keller

High angle closeup of a bottle of white wine next to a wineglass and corkscrew on a whitewashed rustic table. Horizontal format.Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock


“When you think about what’s your favorite thing in a bottle, I don’t necessarily go to food. I think about a great glass of champagne or a beautiful glass of white wine.” —Chef Thomas Keller. These are the items you should always buy at the grocery store—besides food.

Homemade Puerto Rican Coquito Eggnog for the HolidaysBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock


“I am a big believer in eggnog. Embellish it with Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.” —Author, Sandra Lee

Homemade Spicy Deviled Eggs with Paprika and DillBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Deviled eggs

“Deviled eggs: That’s something my mother made for us when we were kids for Thanksgiving that still resonates with me and that we still do here at The French Laundry for our Christmas party.” —Chef Thomas Keller

Soy saucesuccesso images/Shutterstock

Olive oil, sherry vinegar, and soy sauce

“With those, you can make almost anything taste good.” —Author, Mark Bittman

Red hot chili jam in glass jar with fresh ingredients on grey concrete background. Natural homemade peppers sauce with spoon. Fresh Homemade salsa dip. Top view. Copy space.Nelli Syrotynska/Shutterstock


“You take your jarred salsa. You take one avocado. You cut it very finely into little chunks. Take your parsley or your cilantro, or your green onions or chives-chop those up. Put that in your salsa and you’ve got an amazing avocado salsa.” —Author, Sandra Lee

Frittata with potatoes and smoked salmon. Tasty Italian food.iMarzi/Shutterstock


“I make a lot of frittatas, which seem fancy but aren’t, and hold great at room temperature.” —Author, Mark Bittman

Pepper of PiquilloJose Luis Vega/Shutterstock

Piquillo peppers in a jar

“They’re a little bit spicy but sweet at the same time. They’re not overpowering but they add a really nice smokiness, whether you’re using them chopped in a salad or in a sauce.” —Chef Thomas Keller

Fresh small sea fish smelt, sardine on a simple background with salt, rosemary and lemon slices. Top view. The concept of healthy sea foodILEISH ANNA/Shutterstock


“If I have piquillo peppers and anchovies, I can make a fantastic appetizer in two minutes.” —Author, Mark Bittman

Chopped tomatoes in the metal can in the white wooden table top viewKarpenkov Denis/Shutterstock

Canned tomatoes

“Tomatoes are my favorite staple, because I make a lot of pasta.” —Author, Mark Bittman. These are the unhealthiest foods you can buy at the supermarket

fresh organic sweet raspberries healthy foodDream79/Shutterstock


“Whether it’s peach marmalade or apricot or blackberry or blueberry—take that and use that on a plate with various cheeses.” —Chef John Besh. Also, stock up on these healthy snacks no adult has to feel guilty about eating.

Cold vodka in shot glasses on a black background. Top view, copy space. Food backgroundRybalchenko Nadezhda/Shutterstock

Vanilla vodka

“Four shots cost about $2.12. So for four cocktails, that’s pretty inexpensive entertaining.” —Author, Sandra Lee

Walnut oil in glass of bottle, whole big peeled walnut kernel with thin shell on wooden background. healthy food for brain. Fresh walnuts background nut conceptHalil ibrahim mescioglu/Shutterstock

Walnut and hazelnut oils

“I think these nut oils are great to use in various vinaigrettes and marinades.” —Chef John Besh. If you’re stuck on what dish to make, try one of these easy Mexican appetizers.

Delicious Homemade Cherry Pie with a Flaky CrustBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Pie filling

“Take premade crepes from the grocery store and a can of cherry or apple pie filling (or mix the two), and you have a great treat for your guests.” —Author, Sandra Lee. Even nutritionists like these canned foods.

Green peppercorns on rustic background.Max D Photography/Shutterstock

French green peppercorns

“For cold shrimp cocktail, there’s nothing better than a few crushed green peppercorns in the sauce.” —Chef John Besh

Homemade Christmas Even Panettone Bread with FruitBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock


“To keep a panettone on hand is just a no-brainer. You can slice it, and you serve and eat it as you would any other cake. It’s wonderful by itself. It’s wonderful with a bit of whipped cream and some preserves.” —Chef John Besh

Sliced pineapple on white ceramic plate on wooden table, closeup shot, selective focus,Glevalex/Shutterstock


“Fruit is always kind of nice, and pineapple is not so disgusting in a can. You can even whip up a drink with it, so that’s a good thing.” —Author, B. Smith

Top view of male hands opening bottle of premium cidre. Shot from above of uncorking beautiful ice cold bottle of apple wine, locally grown ripe apples in backgroundAleksey Boyko/Shutterstock

Sparkling cider

“I always have rum or vodka if people want to add a little alcohol, but it’s really nice and refreshing to serve plain.” —Author, B. Smith

Homemade Salty Snack Party Mix with Pretzels and CerealBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Party mix

“I like to go to Costco or Walmart or Target and get just a big snack box or carton.” —Author, B. Smith

Roasted bell pepper with garlic and herbszi3000/Shutterstock

Roasted red peppers

“Whether I’ve chopped them up and put them in a salad or whether I’m making a dish and I blend them as part of a sauce, that’s an item I happen to really like.” —Author, B. Smith. Next, read about the healthiest foods you can buy at the supermarket.