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3 Neat Food Tricks We Found on the Internet

These easy food feats are a snap to master, and are sure to impress at least a few of your friends.

Separate Egg Yolks and Whites

All you need is a little help from a clean, empty water bottle. Crack an egg into a shallow bowl, then hold the mouth of the bottle near the yolk and gently squeeze. When you release the squeeze, the yolk will be sucked out, and you can deposit it into another bowl.

Properly Dispense One Tic Tac

Flip the container upside down, shake, and slowly open the lid while—this is the important part—the container remains partially upside down. A single mint will be your reward.

Drink Soda with a Straw

Swirl that little pop-top tab around 180 degrees after opening. Voilà! A perfect holder that keeps your straw in the upright and locked position.

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