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4 Simple Ways to Give Your Rooms More Personality

Looking for a fresh way to dress up bare walls? Try these inexpensive display ideas from a classic American designer.

Displaying photos, etc.

The fun, fluid, and functional format above is as easy as mounting two metal bars (about $8 each) on a wall or a door — or anywhere you have space — so you can display photos, postcards, or doodles. The best part is that the magnetic clips let you move the images around whenever you want.

Newspaper and shopping bag art.

These two prints hang in southern artist Frank Faulkner’s bathroom. The rhino was cut from an early Banana Republic shopping bag, and the ostrich skeleton was cut from the New York Times. The old, beat-up frames add character and an antiquarian flair.
Metal tools.

Metal tools.

This arrangement of everyday metal objects from bygone eras is graphic and graceful, and it makes a huge impact on a stark white wall. The arrangement is interesting thanks to both the artful interplay between the unique outlines and the what-did-they-use-that-for? questions that the objects will elicit.

Fabric scraps on embroidery hoops.

I saw this idea online and was blown away by what an easy and affordable way it is to display fabrics (wrapping paper and wallpaper work too). That it is a series of circles makes the grouping particularly appealing.

Annie Selke founded home-furnishings companies Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert Rug Company, and Annie Selke Home.

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