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4 Things We Really Learned from Doomsday Preppers

The Nat Geo show can leave you feeling ill-prepared for disaster, but there are solid takeaways to help anyone feel more ready in case of emergency.

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Protect Food

Preppers say: “I grow my own tobacco and sugarcane to use as barter!”  Doomsday Prepper Bryan

Experts say: We’re betting your hungry neighbors would be willing to barter for some classic boxed mac
’n’ cheese too. Store at least three weeks’ worth of canned, dehydrated,
and long-shelf-life foods in your basement or closet.

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Preserve Power

Preppers say: “I can bounce radio signals off the moon and hear them back on my ham radio a few minutes later. Really!”  Doomsday Prepper David

Experts say: Leave the moon alone. For a safe supply of energy, collect
plenty of AA, AAA, D, and C batteries as well as the commonly overlooked

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Store Water

Preppers say: “I’ve built a saltwater pool with 35,000 gallons of water that can be distilled and converted into drinking water.”  Doomsday Prepper Bob

Experts say: Don’t build a pool unless you intend to sip a cocktail in it. If you want to play it safe, store three gallons of water per person per day in a cool, dark place.

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Save Your Shelter

Preppers say: “I’m building a medieval castle to stay protected!” Doomsday Prepper Brent

Experts say: Hurricanes aren’t afraid of moats and drawbridges. Instead, designate a “safe spot” in the house (the most secure area is the space beneath your stairs if your stairway is connected to a wall). Keep a few plywood boards in the house—they can
come in handy if you ever need to fortify the front door or windows. 

Sources: Kevin Barber, vice president of marketing for; James Talmage Stevens, owner of

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