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Child Safety: 5 Backyard Dangers to Avoid

Keep your kids safe by following these safety guides.

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The Danger: Kids climbing on equipment too high for their age, doubling the chances of injury during falls.

How to Stay Safe: Children 5 and under shouldn’t climb higher than 6 feet; for school-age kids, the limit is 8 feet.

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The Danger: Not clearing yard of debris before mowing; kids falling off parents’ laps on riding mowers; hands too close to blade.

How to Stay Safe: Clear yard of large sticks and rocks; shut off mower when reaching near blades; never let children near or on a mower.

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The Danger: Grilling too close to the house; leak or break in gas line; leaving grill unattended.

How to Stay Safe: Keep grill 3 feet from house. To check gas line, slather with dish soap; if it bubbles, replace.

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The Danger: Falling, colliding with others, performing stunts.

How to Stay Safe: No multiple jumpers, somersaults or kids under 6 allowed.

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The Danger: Ladder base too close to supporting object, so it tips; loss of balance from overreaching or standing on a rung that’s too high.

How to Stay Safe: For each 4 feet of distance between ground and upper contact point, move base out 1 foot. Don’t stand higher than fourth rung from top.

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