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5 Healthy Foods to Put on Your Grocery List

What's cooking: Perhaps a longer life with these healthy, easy grocery staples.

According to the journal Public Health Nutrition, people who cooked at home five times a week were nearly 50 percent more likely to be alive after ten years than those who steered clear of the kitchen.

The benefits aren’t just from eating healthier but also from grocery shopping, following a recipe, and preparing food, which help your brain develop new connections. Make your kitchen cooking-friendly by keeping these fat-releasing staples (from our new book The Digest Diet) handy for hectic weeknights.

Balsamic vinegar

This makes a sweet, tangy glaze that’s perfect for salmon or as a simple, fresh salad dressing. Vinegar may help prevent your body from clinging to fat.

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts

Keep these in the freezer and grill on Sunday for a week’s worth of salad toppers or dinners (serve with veggies and whole grains).

Greek yogurt

It can have double the protein of regular yogurt. Its thick creaminess makes it a good swap for sour cream.


Chop walnuts, almonds, or other favorites and sprinkle on top of salads or chicken dinners for added crunch.


Packed with protein, eggs are a filling meatless supper option. Combine them with a mix of fresh seasonal veggies and calcium-rich cheese in an omelet or a frittata.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest