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5 Relaxing Ideas for Your Bedroom

It’s where the magic (of recharging) happens.

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Light scented candles.

Pick up a few of your favorite scented candles at specialty stores or even at the grocery store. Let the candle’s inviting scent fill the room. If safety’s a concern, purchase a candle warmer to scent the room without a flame.

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Invest in an air purifier.

Mold, pet dander, and seasonal allergies can disrupt your breathing giving your body more stress to deal with. An air filter in your bedroom will clean the air and help you to breathe and sleep easier.

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Declutter the Closets

Get rid of old clothes and any other items you no longer use. Donate your old fashions and you’ll not only help others, you’ll help yourself by living with less. Following these tips will help you live a longer, more relaxed life.

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Make the bedroom TV-free.

Television can over-stimulate your senses and keep you from fully relaxing before bed. DVR late night TV or watch it in another room before getting into bed. You’ll soon find you’re sleeping better and stressing less.

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Toss unnecessary furniture.

Too much furniture in a room can cause the space to look cluttered and disorganized. Try moving pieces you don’t use to another room to create an inviting, simple space to relax.

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