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5 Tricks of the Trade to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Extend the life of your favorite furniture by years.

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1. Spot on your upholstery? Here’s an inside trick: Buy a product used to remove pet stains called “Nature’s Miracle.” Jeff says to dab it on the spot with a wet cloth, rub it until it goes away, and then evenly dry it with a hair dryer.

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2. Wooden chairs got nicks? Use black shoe polish. Just apply the polish using the foam brush type bottle evenly and blow dry. Voila! The dents disappear. You also can use a coating of wax to seal the color.

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3. Sticky drawers? Wade says a stick of soap and a good rub down on the problem area will make your drawer slide like new (you may have to reapply the soap if the drawer starts to stick with time). The moisturizing agents in the soap allow the wood to move freely again.

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4. Crayons or scuff marks on your painted walls? No need to repaint. Use a product called Magic Eraser to remove the marks. With my 2-year-old thinking he is a Picasso on my walls, I found it amazing to see the color the walls are supposed to be!

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5. Wooden floors all scratched? Jeff says use his shoe polish trick above, and the scuffs and scratches will be gone!

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