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6 Easy Soup Recipes With Secret Ingredients

Delicious soup recipes to have on hand.

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Cheddar Cheese and Broccoli Soup

SECRET INGREDIENT: evaporated milk

If you love cheese but are watching calories, don’t despair. Here’s a comforting cheese soup recipe with all the creamy richness of real cheddar and plenty of health-boosting broccoli. Evaporated milk adds body to the soup without adding extra fat.

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Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Soup


Roasting vegetables caramelizes their sugars and brings out their sweetness. It’s a fantastic technique for intensifying the flavor of a sauce or soup. It also helps to use carrot juice in place of plain old broth as the soup base.

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Classic Veal Stew


Belgians have a way with stew. Their secret? Add beer to the braising liquid. Here’s a new twist on traditional Belgian beef carbonnade made with veal. Dark beer enhances the rich flavor of the mushrooms.

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Pumpkin Bisque

SECRET INGREDIENT: canned pumpkin

People usually assume that using convenience ingredients means giving up quality. On the contrary, some prepared foods have more desirable qualities than fresh foods. Canned pumpkin, for instance, is made from an extra-creamy breed of pumpkin that is unavailable to consumers and perfect in this easy soup recipe.

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Mexican Chicken Soup With Cheese


In America, we make homemade chicken soup with noodles or rice. Our neighbors to the south use strips of corn tortillas instead. They add delightful crunch to this quick soup flavored with cumin, coriander, and melted Monterey Jack cheese.

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Portuguese Kale Soup With Beans


Vitamin-rich kale tastes great teamed with sausage, potatoes, and kidney beans. Traditional Portuguese soups include linguiça, a hard-to-find smoked sausage flavored with paprika. Ours uses a mixture of Italian sausage and pepperoni available in any supermarket for an easy soup recipe.

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