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6 Unique Beauty Salons and Lounges

You’ll want to make an appointment.

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If you’re looking to lounge and indulge…

The Beauty Bar glamorizes happy hour – literally. Enjoy a cocktail while you get your nails done in their eclectic locations across the country. Furnished with retro salon supplies, The Beauty Bar is a thirsty fashionista’s best friend.

Not in New York, Chicago, Dallas or the other major cities with Beauty Bars? Create the experience yourself by asking your fave salon if they mind you sharing a bottle of champagne with your girlfriends for pedicures after a hectic day.


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If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait in line…

Great Clips’ tagline is walk right in, sit right down… Music to the ears of the lad or lady who needs his or her locks trimmed in a hurry. Visit the chain salon’s site to take advantage of the Online Check-In feature and make your way to the salon. By the time you arrive, you’re next in line. While no appointments are necessary, the innovative service helps to trim time spent waiting in line.


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If you don’t have time to wait for an appointment…

The gal in need of a single process stat will think Fusion Color Bar is to “dye” for. The innovative new salon located in Westchester, New York, features DIY blow dry stations and offers to send you home with custom-blended color if you don’t have time to sit with one of their “coloristas.”

If you can’t find a salon as accommodating, approach your stylist about at-home color, or ask to use the salon’s blow dryers to dry your own hair.


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If you want to relax while the kids play…

In Australia, Pampered Mummies offers moms the chance to enjoy beauty treatments while kids are kept busy with a fun itinerary of educational activities. The company also features a cafe, so mom can relax with a nutritious snack or cappuccino.

Not heading Down Under anytime soon? Before visiting a new salon, ask if there’s a waiting area that’s kid-friendly.


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If you keep longer hours than most salons…

Hairparty24hr is the answer to a workaholic’s every beauty dilemma. The salon is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If you’d prefer to just cozy up at home after a long day, try asking your stylist if he or she makes house calls, or if they can recommend a professional who works a more flexible schedule.


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If you want to make kids’ hair cuts more fun…

At Cartoon Cuts kids enjoy a wash from Ellie, a lively green elephant mounted to the wall whose trunk spouts water. At stylist chairs kids can watch movies while they get trims, cuts, braids, and more. The salon is family-friendly and offers services for parents, too.

Cartoon Cuts, located in just 6 states, isn’t the only business putting a fun spin on kids’ hair. Also check out Snip-Its, Cookie Cutters, and Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids.


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