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6 People Who Were Too Sexy for Their Own Good

We all want to look our best, right? But for these people, it posed a real problem.

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Too Sexy for the Party

In April 2013, Omar Borkan and two other men were forcibly removed from a Saudi Arabian festival for being too handsome; police said they feared female visitors would be attracted to them. Eventually, the men were deported back to Abu Dhabi.

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Too Sexy to Clean Teeth

In December 2012, Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of a dentist who fired his assistant, Melissa Nelson, for being “too attractive.” Although she had worked at the practice for ten years, the dentist and his wife decided that her good looks were a threat to their marriage.

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Too Sexy to Teach

A Florida teacher was fired in May 2013 when her principal found out she had a side job modeling swimsuits and lingerie, even though Olivia Sprauer insists her photos are “glamour style photography.”

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Too Sexy for the Yearbook

Sydney Spies, a high school senior from Colorado submitted a provocative image to her yearbook in June 2012, only to have it deemed “too sexy” and rejected by a student committee. So Sydney Spies tried a second photo, which was also considered inappropriate. She did get noticed, however: Spies recently inked a deal with the Syfy network to star in her first movie.

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Too Sexy for the Money

Debrahlee Lorenzana, a “too sexy” Citibank employee, was banned from wearing turtle necks, high heels and pencil skirts because she was drawing “too much attention.” She was transferred to a different branch and eventually fired in June 2010.

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