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6 Secrets for a Well-Behaved Pet

Is your pet's bad behavior driving you crazy? Here's how to fix six common problems.

Problem: Your cat has accidents around the house.

Solution: After
cleaning up a cat “accident,” wipe the area with a cloth moistened with
ammonia. The pungent odor will kill the smell of cat urine and will prevent
the cat from returning to the same spot to relieve itself.

Problem: Your cat keeps digging up the plants in the garden.

Stockpile orange, grapefruit, and lemon rinds in the freezer over the winter.
In the spring and summer, poke the rinds into the soil of flower and vegetable
gardens, then cover them with a light dusting of soil.

Problem: Your dog repeatedly digs up the same spot in the yard.

Solution: Scatter a
crumbled cake of toilet freshener over the area—the smell will keep the dog

Problem: Your cat jumps onto all your furniture.

Solution: Place
strips of double-sided adhesive tape on tables and other surfaces that are
off-limits to your cat. Cats hate the feel of the adhesive on their paws, and
will soon learn to keep off.

Problem: Your dog keeps gnawing on its paw, tail, or fur.

Solution: Paint the
spot with clove oil, available at pharmacies and drugstores. The horrible taste
will discourage the chewing.

Problem: Your cat avoids the litter box.

Solution: Dip a
cotton ball into some lemon juice, then put the ball into a lidded tea
strainer, and hang it where the cat has chosen to urinate—the smell should
discourage the cat and send it boxward.

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