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6 Surprisingly Easy Romantic Things to Do

We found simple romantic ideas—delight your sweetie in unexpected places!

Romantic Things to Do to His Phone

Replace his phone’s background image with a cute picture of yourself.

Romantic Things to Do to Her Lunch Bag

Use a toothpick to write a special note on a banana peel. After a few hours, the bruised skin will reveal your hidden message.

Romantic Things to Do in the Car

Collect meaningful odds and ends like movie tickets and vacation souvenirs, and leave them in the car’s cup holder.

Romantic Things to Do in the Kitchen

Drop candy hearts in a sugar bowl, a go-to coffee mug, or any other knickknack.

Romantic Things to Do in the Bathroom

Rub soap onto your fingertip and write on a mirror. Lightly trace over
the letters with a tissue to ensure that they aren’t easily visible.
When the bathroom steams up, your words will appear.

Romantic Things to Do in the Living Room

Spell your sentiments with Scrabble tiles.

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