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7 Deadly Sins of Picture Hanging

Beware the seven deadly sins.

1. Using adhesive picture hooks – particularly in humid areas.

They’re not up to the job and your artwork could end up on the floor. When removed, they often bring a strip of underlying paint or wallpaper with them.

2. Using a hook and cord that are the wrong weight for the picture.

You can’t catch marlin with a hook and line designed for whiting, and pictures are no different. They won’t hold. If in doubt about what you should use, ask for advice at your local hardware store or picture framers.

3. Hanging pictures in areas where there are high temperatures or frequent changes of temperature

Both will accelerate the ageing process of your pictures, so skip the sunroom.

4. Hanging pictures where they will be exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

This will fade both paintings and photographs.

5. Hanging pictures in areas of high humidity, or extreme changes in humidity, such as kitchens and steamy bathrooms.

6. Hanging pictures flat against a wall, which can encourage mold growth.

Put something small and flat (like a matchbox) behind your pictures.

7. Choosing an eye-catching frame and mounting.

A frame and mounting should be chosen to match or enhance a picture, not make a statement of its own.

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