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7 Incredibly Easy-to-Make Dinners for Busy Holiday Nights

Keep dinner simple between Thanksgiving and Christmas by serving family and holiday guests one of these easy, stress-free meals.

Guests coming and going?

Eggs are great any time of day, so a frittata like this one, made with fresh veggies and sharp cheddar cheese, can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Another holiday cocktail hour?

This slow cooker lasagna can simmer all day long—and it’s ready to eat the second you walk in the door.

Serving a crowd?

A big batch of this thick and chunky beef chili easily serves a houseful of people. Let it simmer to perfection, and then serve with cornbread.

Afternoon shopping?

Prep this Enchilada Casserole first thing in the morning, then pop it into the oven when you get home for one-dish, crowd-pleasing dinner.

Can’t face any more fancy food?

Head for a comforting one-dish mac and cheese recipe—one packed with lots of vegetables so it’s satisfying and nutritious.

Can’t make it to the store?

This hearty vegetable soup is made solely with pantry ingredients like canned tomatoes and beans and frozen vegetables—no trip to the grocery required.

Cooking for picky eaters?

Put out a platter of toppings for these slow cooked pork tacos, then let family and friends help themselves to garnishes like cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce.

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