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7 Spooky Halloween Treat Recipes

Desserts to make your guests say “Boo!”

Rice Krispies Treats® Jack-O’-Lanterns
Make these little orange jack-o-lanterns out of the usual back-of-the-box recipe. The sweet treats are so cute you won’t want to eat them. But you will.
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Pages reprinted from Ghoulish Goodies by Sharon Bowers, copyright August 2009 by Storey Publishing, LLC. Photos by ©Kevin Kenefick, food styling by Norma Miller, illustrations by ©Michael Slack.

Chocolate Spider Clusters
These spidery clusters get their creepy appeal from gleaming red candy eyes. If you have time before the chocolate sets up, pull a few chow mein noodle ‘legs’ upward from each cluster to wave around.
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Monster Eyeballs
Your kids will have a blast helping you make these wickedly delicious chocolate peanut butter eyeballs.
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Pumpkin Spice Jack-O’-Lantern Cake
Impressive but surprisingly easy, this jack-o’-lantern requires two full cake recipes baked in a Bundt pan – plenty of cake for a big party!
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Funny Bones
Fun with pretzels and melted chocolate! Covered with a white chocolate coating, these treats are a tasty mix of sweet and salty. For the best effect, heap and jumble the little bones in a bowl rather than laying them on a plate.
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Sea Monster Cupcakes
If you’re feeling crafty, bake up a batch of these these alarming sea monsters with waving tentacles. Your kids will love the green treats!
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Bandaged Fingers
Pigs in blankets take on a whole new look when they have a fingernail at one end and a bandage of flour tortilla wrapped around. A dab of ketchup on the tip makes them extra spooky. Serve with more ketchup or a dish of mustard for dipping.
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