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7 Thanksgiving Tapas Recipes

Try something new with small plates for Thanksgiving.

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Bacon and Apricot Bites
Dried apricots moistened with freshly squeezed orange juice, then wrapped in bacon slices and grilled until hot make a tasty snack.

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Greek Meatball Kebabs With Lemon Dip
These little meatballs, made from a mixture of minced lamb and rice, flavored with thyme, lemon and nutmeg, are grilled on cocktail sticks with vegetables for easy eating. The classic Greek egg and lemon dipping sauce has a tangy flavor, which is a perfect partner for the meatball kebabs.

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Gingered Crab Filo Parcels
These Chinese-style, triangular parcels of crisp, light filo pastry enclose a ginger-flavored filling of crabmeat, water chestnuts and corn. Prepare them ahead for a party, then bake just before serving with a sweet chile dipping sauce.

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Caramelized Onion Tartlets
Croustades – made from thin slices of bread pushed into muffin tins, brushed with melted margarine and baked until crisp – are a great alternative to pastry for savory tartlets. Both the croustades and filling can be prepared ahead, then warmed and assembled for serving.

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Spicy Date, Apple and Ricotta Dip
In this dip, dates are cooked until smooth and pulpy with apple and aromatic spices to create a dip to serve with fruit and vegetable pieces. Alternatively, use this as an unusual topping for toast, scones or sweet crostini made with fruit bread.

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Olives Marinated in Rosemary
The flavor of olives is greatly enhanced by marinating them in olive oil with fresh herbs and citrus juices. For the best flavor, allow 2 days marinating. These are great with warm pita bread fingers.

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Baked Potato Skins With Smoked Salmon and Fresh Dill
These potato skins make a really special and nutritious snack to enjoy with drinks.

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