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6 Crazy Cat Beds

Cat bed or conversation piece? We say, why not both? Here's a few hot hangouts for your cat or kitten guaranteed to get a few laughs.

Upcycled Vintage Blue Suitcase Bed

AtomicAttic crafts cozy cat beds out of suitcases. Can also be shared with dogs.

Cat Play House: Tank Commando‘s Cat Play House lets kitty drive a tank. The ink is certified as non-toxic. Charge!

Sasquatch!® II Firehouse Pet Bed

Sasquatch!® pet beds keep kitty cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This comfy abode’s form-fitted faux fleece Sasquatch!® lining comes out for machine washing.

Cardboard Cat Tee Pee

Give your chief a place to retire after a long day of hunting and gathering toys (or prey!). Available at

Kitty Cat Goes Pew Pew Pew

Also from, this easy-to-assemble (read: 5 minutes) airplane has a propeller you can spin!

Cardboard Cat Chalet asks, after a long day of play, what cat wouldn’t love to retire to this luxurious lodge?

Too intense for you or your feline friend? Try a plain old box.

Because sometimes it really is okay to think inside the box.

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