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9 Perfect Protein Solutions for Vegetarians

Great protein options to round out your meal.

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1. Cereal

Cereals fortified with extra protein from whole grains are an excellent breakfast or anytime snack. Make your own oatmeal and top it with your favorite ingredients for a healthy, tasty way to begin your day.

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2. Nuts

A handful of your favorite nuts provide protein and other vitamins. Swap a handful of potato chips for the crunch of natural nuts and you’ll give your body a filling protein boost.

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3. Lentils

Perfect in soups or as a side, lentils are an economical way to get flavor and protein into your diet.

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4. Soy

Some varieties of tofu and protein provide as much protein as milk.

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5. Peanut Butter

Like nuts, peanut butter is a great way to give your body the protein it needs. Because of the high fat content, its important to eat this tasty treat in moderation.

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6. Cheese

Pick your favorite cheese and enjoy a few slices on a sandwich or as a snack with whole grain crackers and an apple.

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7. Beans

With plenty of varieties, beans offer a low-fat way to get more protein and fiber into your diet.

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8. Broccoli

Added to your lunchtime salad or as a side dish to a weeknight meal, broccoli is a dark leafy green that’s packed with protein.

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9. Quinoa

Try this protein-rich whole grain instead of rice for a flavorful swap that will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

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