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A Funny Guide to the Latest New Car Options

Selling cars today is tough. These new options should help.

Mobility Package: Four tires, engine, ignition.

OnDemand Stationary Package: Brakes.

Navigation Package: Steering wheel and blinkers with directional wand.

Enclosure Package: Four doors and trunk lid.

iVault Package: Includes everything in the Enclosure Package plus handles and locks for doors and trunk lid.

Climate Control Package: Roof.

Climate Control Premium Package: Includes everything in the Climate Control Package plus front and rear windshields and movable windows.

Climate Control Elite Package: Includes the Climate Control Premium Package plus window cranks to replace pushing glass up and down by hand.

Comfort Package: Seats.

Audio Package: Mel, your salesman, will sing to you from the backseat.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest