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9 Adorable Animals That Absolutely LOVE Autumn

These adorable animals love pumpkins and crunchy leaves as much as we do!

Country magazine

Rusty Takes a Cat Nap

“Our barn cat Rusty enjoyed a warm fall day on our antique bench! He is quite a character,” says Randi Wenz. (These are some of the things your cat wishes he could tell you.)

Country magazine

Sadie Mae Picks a Pumpkin

“This was Sadie Mae’s first experience with pumpkins,” says Tami Gingrich. “She quickly picked one out to be her jack-o’-lantern.” Going pumpkin picking? Here’s what you should know first.

Country magazine

Great Pumpkin Pals

“Every Buddy needs some bunny. This precious little calf, Buddy, was found abandoned in the pasture. With a little TLC and a friend named Clover, he is thriving!” says Carolyn Yerdon. This is why Americans say “fall” instead of “autumn.”

Country magazine

Bubba Loves the Leaves

Brian Phinney shared this photo of his Yorkshire terrier, Bubba, enjoying the fall colors at Skate Creek near Mt. Rainier National Park. These are some of the best road trips you can take to see stunning fall foliage

Country magazine

Star of the Farm

“Our family pet, Star, has found her favorite roost,” says Sarah Rodekohr.

Country magazine

One in Every Crowd

“I had to laugh when I saw my cat, Morris, blending right in with the autumn decorations!” says Linda Selfridge.

Country magazine

 Ready for Halloween

“This is the family dachshund named Romy,” says Morgan Swart. “At first she was scared of pumpkins, but now she enjoys playing with these giant orange objects!” Did you know any of these unbelievable facts about your pooch?! 

Country magazine

Let’s Play Fetch

“The simple things in life bring such joy,” says Cathy Huffman. “This is my beautiful dog Rusty playing in the fall leaves in upstate New York while on an RV trip across America.” By the way, these are the best states in America for a road trip.

Country magazine

This is My Costume

Stacey Hambey shared this photo of a festive fowl that really quacks us up.

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