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10 TSA-Approved Beauty Treatments for Your Next Flight

Regardless if you're crossing the Atlantic or taking a puddle jumper from one regional airport to another, you might find yourself feeling aimless on an airplane. With only so many movies to watch, rounds to make and books to read, you might hope for a different way to pass time in the friendly skies. Luckily, many easy beauty treatments can double as entertainment and nourishment for your skin. Here, a few to consider.

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TSA beautyMatthew Cohen/

For workout addicts: Intensive Body Recovery

If no day is complete without a little—or a lot—of sweating, flying can be more uncomfortable for you. Not only is squeezing into a tight space a tall order when you’re crafting major muscles, but your body may be tired from all the pumping, jumping, and running. Consider squeezing a bit of Weleda Arnica Intensive Body Recovery into a 3-ounce travel bottle that helps to soothe tired muscles from aches and stress. Just massage into your problem, painful areas as needed while crossing time zones. And here’s what you need to pack to stay fit on the road.

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h20 body butter stickMatthew Cohen/

For your cheeks: Body butter stick

Though seeing the clouds and the sun from miles high in the sky is never a sore sight for eyes, the altitude can wreak havoc on your pores. Right when you board, dab a bit of this H20+ Lemongrass Vetiver On the Move Body Butter Stick on your cheeks and other areas prone to moisture loss to give an extra dose of hydration in a matter of seconds. Have break outs in different areas of your face? Here’s what it reveals about your health.

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Bath and body works hand and body creamMatthew Cohen/

For your hands: Hand and body cream

For less than the cost of a sandwich at your terminal, this enriching formula from Bath & Body Works will leave your hands, nails, and cuticles feeling silky smooth by the time your pilot prepares the cabin crew for landing. If your hands are showing any of these signs, you might need to give them extra care.

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m-61 power glow peelMatthew Cohen/

For your skin’s texture: Power Glow Peel Pads

It’s never too early to think about anti-aging treatments, especially if you’ve opted for a jet-setting lifestyle that has you traveling frequently. Constant dryness and irritation can be difficult for your pores to manage, so giving them a little extra love while you’re stagnant in an airplane seat is a smart idea. With these pre-soaked towelettes from M-61 that are carry-on approved, you can wipe away the years on your face and neck. Its formula is meant to serve as a powerful fine-line treatment peel that exfoliates, resurfaces, clarifies, and firms your skin in about as much time as it takes you to buckle your seat belt. Want to DIY your own face mask? Try these recipes.

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karuna karma face mask kitMatthew Cohen/

For long flights: Masking kit

Though seeing Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam are travel destinations you’d regret missing, having flights that are double digits in length is difficult even for seasoned travelers. That’s why the Karuna Let it Glow mask kit is a worth the weight allowance in your backpack or handbag. It comes complete with a variety of solutions that you can use at varying points of your journey, including a brightening face mask, a renewal eye mask, a clarifying face mask, and most importantly, a hydrating one that’s necessary after flying. Each of these work to restore your skin’s vitality, so don’t worry if your next-seat neighbor gives you some serious side eye when you leave each on for ten minutes each. You’re prioritizing your health, after all!

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murad hydro glow aqua peelMatthew Cohen/

For super-dry Skin: Aqua Peel

If you struggle with chronically dry skin, you need to be extra diligent when you’re traveling. If your trip has you trekking to cooler climates for skiing, family celebrations or cabin getaways, a must-pack is this Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel from Murad. Since this four-pack includes individually wrapped, single-use treatments, you can just bring one without adding too much bulk or weight to your luggage. Once you leave this mask on for 15 to 20 minutes, remove it and pat dry, without rinsing off the H20-rich residue. Not only will it keep your skin dewy, but the two-step system gives your skin a gentle peel, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a brighter, youthful glow.

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hydrogel face mask muselyMatthew Cohen/

For red eyes: Overnight face mask

Consider yourself among the lucky few who can easily sleep on an airplane because not only are you better equipped to manage jet lag, but you can whip out this overnight treatment to give your skin a one-up, too. Musely’s Hydrogel Overnight Face Mask works while you’re sleeping to enrich, fortify, and deeply moisturize your skin, from your forehead to your neck. You can leave the mask on for up to eight hours and gently wash in the a.m. before the flight attendants serve you coffee. Here are eight of the best tips for sleeping on a plane.

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Farmacy hydrating coconut gel maskMatthew Cohen/

For sensitive skin: Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask

While your pals might experiment with beauty products around the globe, you don’t travel anywhere without your steadfast, trusted brands that don’t break you out and keep you feeling (and looking!) your best. Especially if you’re acne prone, this soothing gel mask from Farmacy Beauty will work double-time to maintain your skin’s balance while fighting the germs of an airplane. It’s made with natural ingredients, like kale extract, which offers a blend of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Just remove the mask from its sachet, leave on your face for 20 to 25 minutes and remove. Don’t forget to massage in the leftover formula into your skin before wheels up. These are all the rules you need to follow if you have sensitive skin.

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EmerginC Revital-eyesMatthew Cohen/

For your business trip: Eye Mask

So your manager is sending you to London with a last-minute notice to present to the higher-ups, and you barely had time to gather your carry-on. Of all the items you might forget, don’t toss aside this one that you can keep in your fridge until it’s time to go. In addition to decreasing puffiness and soothing the area under your eyes, the EmerginC Revital-eyes Mask also minimizes the appearance of dark circles, so you can present with confidence, not masked, raccoon eyes. Before you start your descent to your destination, leave on the mask for 15 minutes for best results. Here are all the secrets to covering up those dark circles.

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Beauty Rx Airplane kitMatthew Cohen/

For glowing skin anywhere you land: BeautyRx

For a one-stop, hassle-free solution to frequent travel woes, don’t forget to grab your stash of skin care minis in the BeautyRx Airplane Skin Kit before you catch your Uber to the airport. BeautyRx’s products are developed by dermatologists, so they’re trusted and they really work. The under-the-ounce-count pack includes everything you need to put up your dukes against in-flight dryness by moisturizing, exfoliating, and refreshing your pores.

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