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What Your Alcoholic Drink of Choice Says About Your Personality

Updated: Jul. 01, 2022

Vodka cranberry or margarita on the rocks? Find out what your favorite drink order says about you.

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Vodka drinkers are health trendsetters

“Vodka soda drinkers land in two classes: those who love good vodka and those who’ve heard the drink has 96 calories, is gluten free, contains no sugar, and a bunch of other things that aren’t great conversation at happy hour,” says Jared Brown, master distiller of Sipsmith. If you fall into the latter category, you likely are a spin devotee and Instagram pictures of avocado on toast. Your beverage approach is to enjoy your night without having to feel guilty about cheating on your diet. Consider these tricks to actually lose weight over the weekend.

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Craft beer drinkers pay attention to the little details

“People used to drink beer to fit in and they still do. However, there’s now a subclass: craft beer drinkers—the new wine snobs,” says Brown. If you’re a craft beer connoisseur, you appreciate a strong beard. You also own a fine, leather weekender bag, live in Chelsea boots, and care deeply about the fit and color of your jeans. (Find out what your favorite music reveals about your personality.)

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Wine drinkers are super social

“Wine drinkers are most likely to spill a few secrets—their own or others,” Brown says. Whether or not they’ll admit it, wine drinkers live for a bit of gossip. With a glass of Pinot in hand, their audacity level shoots through the roof, and there’s no question too personal to ask nor a line too risqué to cross. (Check out these genius ways to open wine without a corkscrew.)

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Classic gin martini drinkers are mysterious

“Classic gin martini drinkers are born traditionalists. They don’t really like it when people order dirty martinis, except that the people who do are usually lots of fun at parties,” says Brown. Gin martini drinkers know how to hold their liquor, and approach drinking as refined aficionados. Classic gin martini drinkers are also quite mysterious, intellectual, and have a way of capturing your attention, according to Brown, an admittedly biased source.

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Vodka cranberry drinkers are the life of the party

Vodka cranberry drinkers dive straight into the action. When it comes to having fun, they don’t mess around. This person is the life of the party, constantly asking for the music to be turned louder, and they will be buying rounds of shots for all by the end of the night. Ordering this drink is less about loving the flavor, and more so about being able to watch your progress. As Brown notes, “Vodka cranberry drinkers just like to be able to see how much is left in the glass.” Check out these reasons to eat more cranberries.

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Champagne lovers have excellent taste

Your life is, in a word: ravishing. For most, champagne is a celebratory drink. For you, it doesn’t require an occasion because life is grand and everyday should be treated as such. You have exquisite (and very expensive) taste. You give very definitive answers, but express your opinions eloquently. Plus, have you tried this easy spoon hack to keep champagne from falling flat?

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Margarita drinkers aren’t afraid to be themselves

There are two sects of margarita drinkers: those who like them frozen, and those who like them on the rocks with lime. If you typically go for a frozen margarita, you love to dance and you’re not ashamed about the fact that you love tacky party decorations. If you like your margarita on the rocks, you can hang with the best of them. You’ll strike up a conversation with anyone, and love leaving your group to meet new friends.

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Single malt drinkers are mature and well-informed

“Single malt drinkers know exactly how their whiskey should be served,” says Brown. They have a very advanced understanding of alcohol, but never feel the need to brag about it (unlike certain wine collectors). Single malt drinkers are mature, in that they prefer sipping and savoring their drinks.

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Gin and tonic drinkers are sophisticated

“Gin and tonic drinkers love the exotic, tropical Indian roots of this drink (though it was really invented in London),” Brown says. They are the ‘cool’ one in their friend group, and have had an interesting, enviable career. They’ll often order this signature beverage at a lunch meeting, or any time of day for that matter.

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Rum and cola drinkers are young at heart

“Rum and cola drinkers struggle to choose between a Hawaiian or bowling shirt for a night out,” says Brown. But who cares? Being young at heart is what makes them so fun to have around.

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Negroni drinkers are nonconformist

“Negroni drinkers are rugged individualists, but get along surprisingly well with other Negroni purists,” says Brown. They enjoy have expert knowledge on obscure topics, and are regarded by friends as a human thesaurus.

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Mojito drinkers are worldly

Mojito drinkers dont’t mind annoying their bartenders, who hate how difficult these drinks are to prepare. Nevertheless, mojitos are the official ‘I’m well-traveled’ drink. These people have had countless adventurous experiences they’ll tell you all about. They typically have small but profound tattoos, most likely written in a foreign language.

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