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20 of the Most Amazing (or Ridiculous!) Bathtubs You’ve Ever Seen

These bathtubs are far from ordinary!


Modern floor bathtub

This tub takes modernism to a whole new level. Step into the floor for your soak while you stare out the huge window offering a seascape view. Sooner or later, mold shows up on bathroom caulk. It’s not hard to get rid of since cleaning mold is one of the best ways to use bleach.


Shiny metal freestanding bathtub

When you think of a tub, porcelain likely comes to mind. But tubs come in many shapes, sizes and materials for those who want something unique. This freestanding tub combines shiny metal with black. The plants surely add a softer side to the aesthetic.

Disco ball bathtub

If you want to be your most glamorous self while you indulge in a soak, check out this sparkly bathtub! It’s the perfect way to add a little party to your private time. Those shiny mirror-like tiles are one of the decorating tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Contemporary bathtub

Everything in this bathroom is a bit out of the ordinary, from the toilet to the ceiling and especially the crazy bathtub!

cat tobkatrina/Shutterstock

Tiny kitten bathtub

Most pictures of cats in tubs feature sheer panic on the feline’s face as they scramble to escape the water, but this kitten looks pretty content in its tiny bathtub. If your furry friend is more of a scaredy-cat, you need to know how to bathe a cat—without getting scratched.

pond Krasnie Lapki/Shutterstock

Tropical bathtub

This bathtub, located in Bali, brings a whole new meaning to getting up close and personal with nature!


Balcony bathtub

For some R&R overlooking the city, why not install a bathtub on your balcony? So long as no one can see in, you can enjoy the great outdoors from new heights.


Floral bathtub

This bathtub isn’t exactly in working condition, but it’s found a new purpose! Filled to the brim with flowers, it serves as a creative pot in the garden.

Wooden ImageFlow/Shutterstock

Modern wooden bathtub

From the shape to the wood, this bathtub is definitely out of the ordinary! It would be a great addition for someone looking for a majorly modern touch for their bathroom. Bathrooms this pretty make it hard to believe they are filled with germs! Your tub, however, isn’t one of the germiest spots in your bathroom.


Small wooden soaking tub

With a view of the outdoors, this small tub made of raw wood is the perfect way to get back to the basics while enjoying a little time for yourself.

VintageKoksharov Dmitry/Shutterstock

Vintage bathtub

Bring it back a few decades with a pop of color, a high-back, and claw feet. This vintage bathtub is sure to make a statement in your home.


Old dirty bathtub

While this bathtub is definitely out of order, someone who stumbles upon it is sure to enjoy a fun photo op in the tall green grass! The owner of this tub doesn’t know the ways you’re probably cleaning your bathroom wrong.

goldMaksym Bondarchuk/Shutterstock

Golden bathtub

A bathtub made of gold is sure to add some serious luxury to your home! Guests will be nothing short of impressed, while you can soak in it knowing your money went to good use (wink)!

kidMichelle D. Milliman/Shutterstock

Baby bathtub

Could this baby bathtub be any cuter? Between the baby, the materials used for the bathtub, and the diminutive size, it’s a pretty sweet sight!


Industrial bathtub

The industrial look is all the rage right now! If this style is up your alley, consider this stark gray bathroom interior that features a hipster metal roll-top bathtub. People with bathrooms like this one, that have limited storage space, should especially note that you should never store these things in your bathroom.

RoyalUnholy Vault Designs/Shutterstock

Royal bathtub

This bathtub is surely fit for a royal! With the coordinating candelabra and big mirror, you’ll soak in luxury like you never have before.


Ancient bathtub

Bathtubs have seen a lot of different design changes over the years. Check out this ancient bathtub!


Victorian bathtub

If you have a thing for the Victorian era, then feast your eyes on this Victorian bathtub. It’s an entirely different aesthetic than the tubs we see today but would look incredible in your home if you’re looking to make a statement. If you’re a peasant with only a shower, keep these things to do in the shower in mind so you can make the most of it.


Creepy old bathtub

As beautiful and unique as some of the bathtubs have been on this list, there are plenty of yucky bathtubs out there and this tub is surely one of them!


Decorative ceramic mini clawfoot bathtub

This tiny decorative bathtub soap dish would be the perfect piece of decor to add to your bathroom! If your budget has room for something much bigger, however, consider adding on an additional bathroom because it’s one of the home improvement projects that’ll double the value of your home.

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