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10 Amazon Prime Day Deals That Aren’t Worth It

Everybody loves a good bargain, but some "deals" aren't worth your hard earned cash on Prime Day.

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Shop smart this Prime Day

There’s no shortage of fantastic deals available on Amazon Prime Day, don’t get us wrong. But not every item—or even type of item—provides a can’t-miss deal. In fact, there are plenty of Prime Day “deals” that you’re better off skipping. Here are some things you shouldn’t purchase on Amazon Prime Day—and some suggestions for the deals you will want. Prime Day is October 13 and 14 this year—here’s everything you need to know to be ready.

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Although tempting to believe that big markdowns will take place during Amazon’s biggest time of the year, real discounts on fashion actually occur at the end of a season, not right smack in the middle of it. According to U.S. News & World Report, apparel is a category you shouldn’t be indulging in during Prime Day. While summer is in full swing, avoid buying fashion and wait until fall items start making it into retailers. An exception to this rule is Amazon Essentials apparel, which will enjoy deep discounts of up to 40 percent during Prime Day. Find out even more products you should always be buying on Amazon.

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Workout gear

As soon as the summer heat turns up, our clothes get smaller, which may have you in the mindset to tone up your body. Unfortunately for you, the idea of getting fit will also be on everybody else’s mind. That’s why it’s better to skip big-ticket exercise purchases like treadmills and weight sets during July’s Prime Day, as the demand for workout gear will keep prices higher during Amazon’s shopping bonanza, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. Instead, set a calendar reminder to search for those items once the cold weather hits. The only workout gear you should consider purchasing is from Amazon’s in-house athleisure line Core 10 that will have slashed prices come Amazon Prime Day. Here are some more tips for what to expect for Prime Day 2020.

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Items sold by third-party retailers

A good rule on Prime Day—and every day—is to only buy items sold or shipped directly by Amazon. Because Prime Day is such a cash cow, it creates an incentive for less trustworthy sellers to create deceiving listings that may seem like a good deal when they actually are not, cautions Android Central, a tech authority. Because you don’t want to spend your precious time on Prime Day researching and reading reviews—and potentially missing out on deals—it’s best to stick with Amazon vetted products. A good example of an Amazon product that will be a steal on Prime Day is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $99, down from its original price of $159.99. And this bargain isn’t just available on the 13 and 14—it’s already available now, as an early deal! For even more money-saving strategies, use these Amazon hacks to save big year-round.

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As tempting as it may be for would-be Santas to knock off all of their holiday shopping during Amazon Prime Day, it’s better to sit tight. You’ll get the best deals on toys right after Black Friday, reports U. S. News & World Report, as the weeks leading up to the holidays guarantee retailers will be looking to deplete the year’s inventory. There’s also increased competition between toymakers during the holiday season which means they’re incentivized to offer their lowest prices. Your kid may not be getting a toy this Prime Day, but there’s a great deal on the Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle, starting now and lasting through the shopping event. You can get $50 off a Kindle, a year of Amazon Kids+, a snazzy cover, and all the tech accessories. Plus, you should know about this great Kindle subscription deal every reader will want.

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School and office supplies (usually)

A pen here, a notebook there…next thing you know, your cart is full and your wallet empty. If you can wait until late August or early September, that’s when you’ll find the lowest prices, NerdWallet advises. Yes, it’s after the back-to-school rush, but it’s also when supplies are being moved to the clearance shelves. You can stock up on those #2 pencils and crayons and store them for next fall. Of course, this year, Prime Day is being held in October rather than July because of the coronavirus pandemic. You’ll find some school supply deals of up to 20 percent off, perfect for if you’re just venturing back into the classroom now.

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Generally, it’s best to hold off on buying laptops, desktops, or any computer equipment until after the back-to-school rush subsides, though this year looks a bit different with children heading back to in-person classes at different times. The best time to purchase laptops and desktops is late August and early September after school has been in session for a while. The one exception is Amazon brand products, including Fire tablets and Kindles, which you can expect steep discounts on during Amazon Prime Day. Looks like the Echo Auto will be a mere $19.99. Check out this great way to get an extra $10 for Prime Day while supporting small businesses.

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Amazon has never been a photographer’s best friend and that continues to hold true on Prime Day. The virtual retailer has always had less-than-stellar camera selections and prices aren’t significantly lower during the usual July sale. Instead of purchasing a camera during Prime Day, wait until the end of the year, according to Tom’s Guide, because that’s when the new models come out and camera makers need to clear their stock. But another type of camera will be majorly discounted for Prime Day: Prime Members can get the Blink Mini indoor security camera for $10 off, making it $24.99 instead of $34.99. Plus, check out this amazing iPad Mini deal that’s sure to sell out for Prime Day.

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Product bundles you don’t need

Bundles (i.e. skincare or electronic sets) look great on paper, but they aren’t always a smart buy. Is it really a deal if you end up paying more for the one item you wanted because it came with a second item you had no intention of purchasing in the first place? Wirecutter agrees that you should pass on bundled products unless you are 100 percent sure you’re going to use every single item in that package. But there are some beauty product deals that we think are worth it: Make your face picture perfect with THRIVE Natural Face Wash Gel for Men & Women at a 20 percent discount for Amazon Prime Day. Check out more Amazon Prime Day deals you won’t want to miss this year.

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Gaming titles and accessories

Not all deals are created equal, especially when it comes to video games. Gaming news site GamesRadar+ suggests doing your research and not opting for the lowest price on an item. Why? The gaming site warns that pricing during Prime Day can be deceiving and you may be buying an older or inferior version of a product you really wanted in exchange for a lower price. Like mom used to say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The exception is Prime Day’s Lightning Deals, like this gaming noise-reduction headset for only $28.99. Check out these amazing deals that you actually won’t find on Prime Day.

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Newest TV models

TVs are like cars in that manufacturers pump out shinier, more souped-up versions every year in an effort to keep consumers upgrading. But if you can set aside your desire for the latest and greatest and recognize that the differences between 2018 and 2019 models are pretty insignificant, you’ll score even more savings on the older model, shares Wirecutter. For the next week, though, Amazon is offering exclusive deals on Fire TV sets for Prime members: $60, $100, and $150 off three different sizes. But, sneakily, these deals end on October 12, just before Prime Day, so make sure not to wait too long! Next, find out more great perks of having a Prime membership.


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