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Stolen Moments from America’s Hidden Gems: Barbershops

In his book Barbershops of America, Photographer Rob Hammer set out to find America's last genuine barbershops. He learns that the people and conversations really make a shop unique.

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Rob Hammer Photography

Hyannis, Massachusetts: McLean’s Barbershop

“I’ve got a customer 103 years old. Drove in on his own too.” – Stan McLean

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Rob Hammer Photography

Crestview, Florida: Mack’s Barbershop

There is a picture in Mack’s shop of the last person hung on the streets of Crestview, which took place right in front of his shop.

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Rob Hammer Photography

Nashua, New Hampshire: La Legion Barbershop

“White Russians are for girls. I drink Scorpion Bowls. They make me steal things I already own.” – Owner

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Rob Hammer Photography

Nashville, Tennessee: Craighead Barbershop

Opened in 1947. “People left town in the 60’s and 70’s. Came back, and said, “you mean to tell me this place is still Craighead’s?”

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Rob Hammer Photography

Burlington, Kansas: Honest John’s Barbershop

“I’ve been doing this 54 years. Might make it another 54. I don’t know.” – Honest John

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Rob Hammer Photography

Mandan, North Dakota: Deluxe Barbershop

“I walked into this barbershop sometime mid morning. There was nobody else in the shop except for the barber, who was dead asleep in the chair.”

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Rob Hammer Photography

Seligman, Arizona: Angel’s Barbershop

Covered in the business cards of the customers Angel has had over the years.

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Rob Hammer Photography

Biloxi, Mississippi

Where you can still get a haircut for $4.

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Rob Hammer Photography

Barbershops of America

To see more unique barbershops, check our Rob Hammer’s book here!

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