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Stolen Moments from America’s Hidden Gems: Barbershops

In his book Barbershops of America, Photographer Rob Hammer set out to find America's last genuine barbershops. He learns that the people and conversations really make a shop unique.

Rob Hammer Photography

Hyannis, Massachusetts: McLean’s Barbershop

“I’ve got a customer 103 years old. Drove in on his own too.” – Stan McLean

Rob Hammer Photography

Crestview, Florida: Mack’s Barbershop

There is a picture in Mack’s shop of the last person hung on the streets of Crestview, which took place right in front of his shop.

Rob Hammer Photography

Nashua, New Hampshire: La Legion Barbershop

“White Russians are for girls. I drink Scorpion Bowls. They make me steal things I already own.” – Owner

Rob Hammer Photography

Nashville, Tennessee: Craighead Barbershop

Opened in 1947. “People left town in the 60’s and 70’s. Came back, and said, “you mean to tell me this place is still Craighead’s?”

Rob Hammer Photography

Burlington, Kansas: Honest John’s Barbershop

“I’ve been doing this 54 years. Might make it another 54. I don’t know.” – Honest John

Rob Hammer Photography

Mandan, North Dakota: Deluxe Barbershop

“I walked into this barbershop sometime mid morning. There was nobody else in the shop except for the barber, who was dead asleep in the chair.”

Rob Hammer Photography

Seligman, Arizona: Angel’s Barbershop

Covered in the business cards of the customers Angel has had over the years.

Rob Hammer Photography

Biloxi, Mississippi

Where you can still get a haircut for $4.

Rob Hammer Photography

Barbershops of America

To see more unique barbershops, check our Rob Hammer’s book here!

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