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40 Hilarious Cartoons That Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans

Updated: Jul. 22, 2021

These funny cartoons about fuzzy, four-legged, and other animals will brighten your day.

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Cat in water

I don’t know if I buy this. Take a look at these funny work cartoons if you need some help getting through the workweek.

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Cat chase

That’s what you signed up for when you hired me.

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Remote work

Yes, I’m most productive in the doghouse. These cartoons about family life will make yours seem a little less crazy.

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Dog is purfect salesperson
andrewgenn/Getty Images

Cat products

I’ll sell you these products, but I won’t endorse them.

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Holiday return

Let me check the life insurance policy. Check out these funny photos of dogs “working from home.

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Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest


Don’t miss these 14 hilarious pun cartoons that never get old.

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No tricks

Don’t bother asking.

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Basic name

Very creative. These quarantine-inspired dog names will crack you up.

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Distracted driving

Mouse means stop.

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Conflict resolution

I think he’ll cause a conflict the minute he steps on the stage. Trust us, you need these 50 funny animal pictures in your life.

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Cat equation

I think the math is off somewhere.

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New role

I’m already picturing it in my head.

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Just do what you do every time you see the mailman. These hilarious animal names are better than the real ones.

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Political talk

I wouldn’t. Check out these candid cartoons about politics and money.

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Capital gains

Yes, short term is a good idea for you two. Check out these hilarious cat memes.

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Lesson #1

This might hurt a little.

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Proud ant

Watch for feet.

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Kim Warp for Reader's Digest

Road test

Technology is the way of future. Check out these 23 funny cartoons technophobes can appreciate.

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Rise above

You can barely see it from up here.

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Bite me

Glad we can be mature about this. These hilarious farm animals will make you laugh.

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Hissy fit

The claws are coming out.

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Wings up

I don’t feel comfortable taking it off.

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Communication is key

You’ll get there eventually. These doctor cartoons will help you laugh through the pain.

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Unemployed dogs

Their full-time jobs are ruining toys and napping.

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Don’t chicken out

Your dreams are right around the corner. You’ll instantly love these adorably funny cat and dog photos.

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Rodent quota

They all need to be gone!

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Claws in

I’ll try my best. Every cat owner can relate to these funny cat cartoons.

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Tomorrow is a new day

We can’t let this candy bar go to waste.

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High heels

Your slipper might have been chewed up by accident.

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I can’t see you

What cats do best. These travel cartoons prove there’s humor to be found everywhere.

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Pelican training

Don’t open your mouth!

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Tail implant

What’s wrong with my butt? Here are 30 funny dog photos that you need to see.

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Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest


There’ll be a pop quiz the next time you renew your license.

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fish fishing cartoon by Leigh Rubin
Leigh Rubin

Relaxing time

We can just sit here and wait. These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate.

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dog and cat think they're named after passwords cartoon
Kaamran Hafeez/CN Cartoon

Computer passwords

I guess it’s an easy way for her to remember our names.

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dog dining in a restaurant cartoon
Danny Shanahan/Everyone’s a Critic/Courtesy Princeton Architectural Press

Fresh homework

Yes, fresh graphite and eraser flakes. These dog cartoons are sure to make you chuckle.

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dog wants to go out cartoon
Arnie Levin/The New Yorker Collection/The Cartoon Bank

Dog outing

No, not just to the bathroom.

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clingy opossum kids cartoon
Liz Climo

Clingy kids

I need these kids off my back. Check out these hilarious dog memes you’ll laugh at every time.

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cow wants to take vacation days cartoon
Mort Gerberg/The New Yorker Collection



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shark ate garbage cartoon
Phil Witte

Garbage snack

I’m so bloated I’m going to float to the top of the ocean. Next, check out these 20 cartoons that prove daily life is funnier than any stand-up routine.