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Can You Guess These Animals Based on Their Footprints?

How many of these footprints can you guess correctly? 

Deer-FootprintZillmann Reka Imola/Shutterstock

Depending on where you live, this might not be an uncommon sight

Can you spot the animals camouflaged in these photos?

DeerVolodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock

Answer: deer


Pigeon-footprintsAleksandrov Ilia/Shutterstock

Just another city resident

Time for a brainteaser: One image is not like the other…do you know which one?

PigeonRay Dexter/Shutterstock

Answer: pigeon


These guys use their hands almost as much as we do

(This coffee puzzle has officially baffled the Internet. Can you figure it out?)

RaccoonEkaterina Karavaeva/Shutterstock

Answer: raccoon


Their feet grow until they’re six years old

How good are you at math? Put your knowledge to the test with this easy math problem that’s stumping everyone.

HorseDewald Kirsten/Shutterstock

Answer: horse


Beaver-footprintsErika Kirkpatrick/Shutterstock

These animals used to grow up to be 8 feet long

BeaverDaniel Rose/Shutterstock

Answer: beaver

This “simple” math puzzle for children is driving the Internet crazy.


You can find these in almost every U.S. state

OtterNadezda Murmakova/Shutterstock

Answer: otter

If you can solve this puzzle, you might be qualified to be an astronaut.

Squirrel-footprintsNatalia Sokko/Shutterstock

No need to be alarmed if you find these tracks in your yard

SquirrelBachkova Natalia/Shutterstock

Answer: squirrel


It takes most people over two minutes to find the elf boot in this picture. How fast can you spot it?

Crab-FootprintsMark Mortin/Shutterstock

A pretty regular visitor to the beach


Answer: hermit crab

Only two percent of people can solve Einstein’s riddle. Are you part of that small percentage?


These guys can weigh up to 2,600 pounds

Giraffepaula french/Shutterstock

Answer: giraffe

Can you figure out the missing word in this brainteaser?


Looks like these animals went for a swim

TurtleJB Manning/Shutterstock

Answer: sea turtle

Speaking of turtles, over 60 percent of people can’t find the turtle in this picture. Can you?

Tiger-printsval lawless/Shutterstock

Hint: they’re the biggest species of their family

Duck-footprintsKuttelvaserova Stuchelova/Shutterstock

Is that you, Donald?


Answer: duck

An MIT professor called this “the hardest puzzle ever.” Can you figure it out?

Dog-printsLiudmila Pereginskaya/Shutterstock

You probably don’t need a hint for this one

DogPatryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

The heaviest one in history weight 24,000 pounds

ElephantTereshchenko Dmitry/Shutterstock

Answer: elephant

Which snowflake in this puzzle is not like the others?


You probably won’t want to come across one of these


Answer: bear

We bet you can’t find the hidden robin in these trees.

Rabbit-footprintsrolf robischon/Shutterstock

Over half of this animal’s total population lives in North America


Answer: rabbit


Think you’re a riddle expert? Try solving this one about a scuba diver in a burnt forest.


There’s a national day dedicated to these guys


Answer: penguin

Can you spot the bear in a crowd of reindeer?


A group of these animals is called a “clowder”

CatNewman Studio/Shutterstock

Answer: cat

Find out the 50 secrets your pet won’t tell you.

Snake-printsMyImages Micha/Shutterstock

You’ve definitely got this one

SnakeStefan Scharf/Shutterstock
Lizard-printsPete Hoffman/Shutterstock

There are over 6,000 species of these

LizardDmytro Pylypenko/Shutterstock

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