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9 Myths About Ants You Need to Stop Believing

According to many pest experts, these DIY remedies do little to fix the problem at hand. With 80% of homeowners reporting problems with ants, you’re not alone in your encounters with these pesky bugs!

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Pot full of boiling water on the stovedashtik/Shutterstock

Boiling water won’t get rid of ants

According to, although boiling water may kill the exposed ants, “by the time the water reaches the Queen and the rest of the colony, it won’t be effective.” Find out some truly effective ways to get rid of ants.

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white vinegar on wooden backgroundfocal point/Shutterstock

Vinegar won’t keep ants at bay

Like the rest of us, ants don’t love the smell of vinegar, but it won’t kill them. According to, the most you can hope for its that you throw them off the scent for a while, but don’t worry, they’ll be back! Here are 7 ways to get rid of ants without calling the exterminator.

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Wood spoon with cinnamon powder over a black stone tableJavier Somoza/Shutterstock

Save the cinnamon for baking!

Another common myth found on the Internet is that cinnamon will kill ants. reminds us that just because ants don’t like something, doesn’t mean it will keep them away! Worried about treating ants if you have pets? Find out how to do it safely.

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OatmealAnna Bogush/Shutterstock

Grits and oatmeal won’t explode in an ant’s stomach

Sorry, but according to, leaving out your breakfast won’t kill ants! Although this seems logical, you’re probably just giving them a longer walk back to the colony while they haul your grains. Try this effective spray instead!

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Don’t draw a chalk line by your door

Many articles encourage those trying to stave off ants to draw a chalk line by the point of entry. explains that this could throw off their scent, but they’ll be back to find another way to get in for food! Learn the 13 simple solutions to get rid of ants for good.

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Prepare refreshing beverage lemonade. Lemons, juicer, bottle, knife, cutting board on dark wooden background top view9dream studio/Shutterstock

Save your lemons for lemonade

Again, if you think you’re disturbing ants with a scent or putting them off from entering, this may be the case for a short period of time, but they’ll find another point of entry. Instead of wasting your produce, stock up on these items to help you keep ants out for good.

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Six frontal organized beer or soda silver aluminum cans, on a wooden backgroundBruno Rodrigues B Silva/Shutterstock

Club soda won’t kill fire ants

Though it seems like this makes sense, some of them may die, but with colonies going deep into the Earth, it’s going to take a lot more to kill all of the ants. Interested in doing your own pest control? Here are some tips.

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Black ants on woods tableJukkapong Piyarom/Shutterstock

Mixing colonies won’t eliminate your ant problem

OK, if you’re considering this, before calling an exterminator, you might have too much time on your hands because this seems like a lot of work! Major extermination websites claim that although this may make the ants mad, they’ll just relocate and probably find their way back to your house. These tips will help you to keep all pests away from your home.

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Carpenter ants and termites can’t co-exist

Yep, they sure can. Although you may think ants wouldn’t be interested in termite-infested wood and you only have to treat for one bug, according to, the termites just made it easier for the ants to take up residence.

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