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15 Cartoons People with Anxiety Will Understand Instantly

Coping strategies for anxiety include rest, exercise, meditation, and limiting alcohol and caffeine, which can trigger panic attacks, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. They also suggest indulging in some humor. Which we just happen to have for you.

Gregory Kogan for Reader's Digest

You constantly feel like you’re being judged

Even by inanimate objects. Don’t miss these cartoons that all introverts will understand.

The therapist says to Humpty Dumpty, "visualize yourself not falling off the wall".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Visual exercise

It can be difficult.

Business cartoon about being overwhelmed by the to do list.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Endless lists

Try to tackle one sticky note at a time. Does the Christmas season stress you out, too? These comics are for you. 

The matador is in a very high stress job situation and says to his doctor, "I've been feeling a lot of work related stress".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Charging stress

You can’t escape the stress that’s staring at you with its beady black eyes. These love and marriage cartoons are hilariously accurate.

"I'll only give yo the paper if you promise not to let the news upset you."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Don’t get sad

With today’s headlines, this won’t be easy. 

Business cartoon about the anxiety caused by change.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Change is hard

Don’t look down. Don’t look down.

Rina Piccolo for Reader's Digest

Simple tasks can become sources of unnecessary pressure to make the right decision

Don’t even get us started on sales and discounts. Here are more things only people with anxiety will understand.

Business cartoon about excessive number of emails.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Endless emails

I was only out for three days!

Family cartoon about how parental anxiety increases as children get older.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Growing anxiety

The older they get, the more we worry.

Encouraging the newcomer, the trainer says, "Let's try it once without the parachute".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

First flight

I don’t think I’m ready for that. All technophobes can appreciate these cartoons.

"We provide this relaxing courtyard for employees to explore their freakouts."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Cry zone

We wish every office had one of these.

"I like change, but only a bit at a time."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

One step at a time

There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow.

Cartoon illustration showing a stressed out woman and the words, 'wanted, my mind back'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Wanted ad

Has anyone seen it? These family life cartoons might make yours seem less crazy.

"She's overworked, underappreciated and full of anxiety ... but she's fine."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock


I tried to tell her she didn’t need a doctor to tell her that.

worried driver looking at signCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Always alert

Keep scanning for danger. For more laughs, check out these daily life cartoons that will crack you up.