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8 Autocorrect Fails That Will Crack You Up

Updated: Jul. 22, 2021

Smartphones aren't always so am rat (er, smart).

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courtesy twitter user @eckeane

Great > Greasy

Autocorrect is slowly killing potential relationships, one awkward word replacement at a time. Greasy is just not a good look on anyone. If these autocorrect fails crack you up, use these hilarious made up words in your text conversations.

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courtesy marissa laliberte

Beach > Beaumarchais

We realize you want to show off your knowledge of French playwrights, but really, Siri, which seems more likely: beach or Beaumarchais? If you’re getting a laugh from these autocorrect fails, don’t miss these 11 hilarious typos that have actually been printed in newspapers.

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courtesy Kristen Stricklen

Vicks > Vodka

Some harmless cough medicine takes a dark turn when one phone’s autocorrect has its say in children’s cold treatments. 

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Courtesy Instagram user @stashnstitch (Lisa McKean)

Antidiu… > Antidisestablishmentarianism

Beyond being a winning word in spelling bees, has anyone really used “antidisestablishmentarianism” in a sentence since the 1800s?

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courtesy Reddit user /u/greenmonsta69

Pool > Poop

Not to get too personal, but we’re hoping any healthy person will be having more than two “poop sessions” in a week. You’ll feel less bad about your autocorrect fails when you read the 9 most expensive typos in the world.

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Courtesy John & Kim Birk

Mud > Kid

This is why you shouldn’t text and drive. We knew kids could leave a mess in a car, but kids leaving a mess on the car? That is just plain dark. Here are 9 more spelling and grammar mistakes autocorrect won’t catch.

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Ravioli > Racism

If this is Siri trying to shove in her own opinions, she is no longer invited to dinner.

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Courtesy Twitter user @somikimpianist

Accompanist > Pianist

This professional pianist’s phone seems to have learned her profession. No one said smartphones weren’t creepy. These autocorrect fails can get annoying—lighten up with these 23 funny cartoons any technophobe will appreciate.