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Awesome Life Advice from Your Favorite Superheroes

If you're looking to seize "a day, unlike any other!" remember these encouraging quotes, culled from classic comic book characters.

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“‘What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?’ They surrender.”

—Superman (All-Star Superman #3)

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“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

—Batman (Batman Begins)

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“I need a day when there aren’t twenty crises to deal with, but I don’t see that coming any time soon.”

—Iron Man (Captain America #29)

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“The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.”

—Martian Manhunter (Martian Manhunter #1,000,000)

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“I never settle. What I cannot have, I will destroy.”

—Darkseid (Superman: The Animated Series)

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“The real crime would be not to finish what we started.”

—Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2)

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“The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess… the power of the human brain!”

—Professor X (Uncanny X-Men #2)

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“I’m loyal to nothing, General… except the Dream.”

—Captain America (Daredevil #233)

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“The fate of your planet rests not in the hands of gods. It rests in the hands of mortals.”

—Thor (Thor: Heaven & Earth #2)

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“All right, y’all! Four-eyes is history, his ghoulies are gone, and we just saved the whole dang universe! Who wants french toast?”

—Cyborg (Teen Titans)

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“But everyone’s story begins once upon a time, and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.”

—Scarlet Witch (Avengers Fairy Tales)

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“What was it that John Lennon said? ‘Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.’ Let it grow already, and quit trying to legislate it!”

—Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #200)

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“Right now, I’d trade the whole Spider-Man bit for a rocking chair and a subscription to Reader’s Digest.”

—Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man #216)

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