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12 Baby Gifts You Might Regret Putting on Your Registry

No, you don't need a cashmere crib bumper—or any crib bumper, for that matter.

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Crib bumpers

“I definitely regret not doing proper research with regards to infant safety. I got a bumper set, then realized it was unsafe,” shares veteran mom Sylvia Fallas.

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Super-fancy crib

“I wish I didn’t register for a sleigh-style crib,” explains Marian Murray Gaynor. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but impossible to clean when a stomach bug hits. A plain, non-fancy crib would have been more practical!”

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Baby towels

“I regret registering for baby-sized towels! They’re so useless. Just use a regular sized towel,” says mom Regina Valdes Montalva DePaola. These tricks can make your bath towels last longer.

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Sleep-sounds stuffed animal

“I regret registering for a sleep sheep,” says Sarah O’Keefe Greig, referring to a stuffed animal that plays white noise. “It turns off after 30 minutes. We quickly got a sound machine to replace it!”

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Wipe warmers

“I regret registering for a wipe warmer,” explains Samantha Bassett. “I had three babies in the winter, yet didn’t use it once.”

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Blankets of any kind

Shira Schwartz wishes she hadn’t put blankets on her wish list. “I registered for one or two, thinking the little guy would need something for when he came home and ended up getting receiving blankets, swaddle blankets, stroller blankets, crib blankets, lovey blankets, monogrammed blankets, and outdoor blankets. I’m up to my eyeballs in blankets!”

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Activity mats

“I never got any use out of the activity mat I registered for,” says Heather Prout Patino. “By the time my babies were interested in stuff, they could move and wouldn’t stay put. The dog loved the mat, though.” (These new studies prove that babies are way smarter than you think.)

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Experienced mom Cameron Wellock, recommends skipping baby bottles when compiling your registry. “It takes trying a few different varieties before finding the one type a baby will like,” she says. “Some stores don’t take returns on bottles so we ended up with lots of new bottles that the baby didn’t like and wouldn’t use.”

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Bottle warmers

New York City mom Blair Samuel, has no love for the bottle warmer she got off her baby registry. Aside from being pricey, “it took way too long to work, and my baby would just scream!”

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Fancy breast pumps

You won’t know till you’re a mom if you’re going to be successful at breastfeeding and even then, you may not need a high-end pump, especially if you don’t work in an office. “The $300 double pump was a major regret,” says Irene Nisirios Xylas. “As it turned out, breastfeeding was not for me. I could have put that money to better use for myself. Luckily a year later I had a friend who breastfed her child and I gave it to her.”

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Baby bathrobes

“The shark bathrobe was cute but we never used it and my baby outgrew it almost immediately,” says Laura Asher Rosenthal. “Babies don’t even wear bathrobes.”

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Infant shoes

Do you know any newborns who go for long walks? Neither does Angela Salomon Barkan, which is why she shouldn’t have registered for adorable-but-useless baby shoes. “Expensive baby shoes are pointless even if they’re super cute,” she says. “Guess what? Babies don’t need to wear them.”

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