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15 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Breakfast recipes to start your kids off from a healthy base.

Breakfast Split
Dessert for breakfast. Does it get any better than that? Have your backpack ready so you can ‘split’ as soon as you’re done with breakfast.
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A topping of cheese on this egg, tomato and waffle breakfast is a great way to start the day.
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Quick Fruit Crisp
This will warm up your insides on a cold morning. Or serve with ice cream as a dessert. Now that’s easy to swallow!
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Apple Mango Muffins
Tango with a mango muffin on your way out the door! Raisins and flour are great iron boosters.
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Banana Monkey Crunch
Bone up on calcium with the yogurt in this yummy snack. There’s enough for friends, or save some for breakfast. Top with the granola and banana just before eating.
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Cranberry Almond Chewies
Wrap these squares and pop them into the freezer for up to one month. They’ll be easy to grab for school lunch desserts, too.
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Berry Creamy Waffles
The nutty flavor in these high-fiber waffles pairs up well with berries and yogurt for a hearty breakfast.
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Nut and Honey Granola
A granola fit for whiz kids. Have a bowl with milk or yogurt for breakfast. Store in an airtight container for up to three weeks.
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Hakuna Frittata
Prepare for a power surge with the egg and cheese proteins in this fabulous frittata. Makes enough to split with a sibling.
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Tikki Tikki Muffins
This chunky muffin is packed with fruit and sweet, tropical flavors. Don’t be heartless-share!
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Yum-Yum Yogurt Layers
Be a layer slayer and devour this sweet treat made with cookies, fruit, and almonds.
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Funny Side Up Breakfast
Play a yolk-err, joke, on your family with this pretend-egg breakfast. Good for an after-school snack too!
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Strawberry French Toast
Will French toast give you the energy to study for your French class? Mais oui!
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Fruity Milkshake
Who thinks milk is boring? Frozen fruit makes a delicious calcium-rich shake. Team it with toast for a well-rounded breakfast.
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