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40 Back to School Memes That’ll Crack You Up

Whether you're a longtime parent or brand new teacher, you'll be cackling at these memes before the big day.

Back To School Memes, Getty Images

Back to school, back to memes

Time to head back to school! It’s both an exciting and stressful time for everyone involved, and even though we go through the same routine every year, it never seems to get any easier. But since we’re all in this together, maybe it’s time to add a little humor to the mix while you cherish those sacred final days of summer. These back to school memes will ring true for both parents and teachers as we head into fall. If you’re looking for the best of the best memes, we’ve got you covered! But if you want to still hold onto the break as long as possible, we have summer memes and vacation memes for you too. Most importantly, may we all appreciate how much parents and teachers do to make sure kids get the best education possible. And remember: Thanksgiving break is just around the corner.

Welcome Back To, Getty Images

The true spooky season

Cue the evil laugh track. Make sure you’re prepared with these back to school essentials for an easy first day.

When You Realize Summer Is, Getty Images

A good reason to cry

It always passes by too fast. When you’re done laughing at these back to school memes, keep up to date with the best back to school sales this year.

Homework Is, Getty Images


Deep breaths. Since back to school is the unofficial Monday of the school year, these Monday memes will also be super relatable.

Back To School… Time To Officially Remember What Day Of The Week It, Getty Images

Check the calendar

Is it Tuesday or Friday? Regardless, these teaching quotes will truly inspire you and leave you cherishing teachers even more.

Mom’s On The First Day Of, Getty Images

Let freedom ring

It’s like Christmas in September. Check out these school jokes that will make even the bus driver chuckle.

For Teachers, August Is Just A Never Ending Sunday, Getty Images

Sunday Scaries

Can you believe summer is almost over? Maybe laughing at these good morning memes will make waking up for the first day a little easier.

When Your Face Gets Stuck In This Position After “welcome Back To School”, Getty Images

Big smile

Oh yes, my face always looks like this.

Cheers To The First Day Of School And The Official Countdown Until Thanksgiving, Getty Images

Gobble gobble

If you count the number of days instead of number of months, it sounds like less time.

When You Dread Going Back To School, But Then Remember You Get To Buy All New School, Getty Images

Pens! Notebooks! Highlighters! Oh my!

Who doesn’t love that fresh notebook smell? Find out why school starts in the fall and not in January like the new calendar year.

Creating A Seating Chart Is Like Playing Sudoku… Except, Getty Images

When you’d rather not

Maybe we should just do alphabetical order….See what school looked like 100 years ago. It’ll make you appreciate the here and now.

Parents Dropping Off Their Kids On The First Day Of, Getty Images

High five!

We made it!

Teachers Hanging Onto Summer Like…, Getty Images

Never let go

Just one more day! Save these happy birthday memes for a student or classmate celebrating their birthday at school.

You And Your Teacher Bff Ready To Conquer The First, Getty Images

It’s time

You have prepared all summer for this.

You The Day Before The First Day Of, Getty Images

Proper preparation

It’s an important day.

Teacher’s Moving Classrooms Before The First, Getty Images

Moving truck

It’s not that much stuff. Don’t miss these hilarious back-to-work memes that are just too relatable.

Teachers Staring At The Screen Hoping The Lesson Plans Will Just Write, Getty Images

Teachers have homework too

If you stare long enough…

Getting Ready For The First Day Of, Getty Images

Dress to impress

There’s nothing quite like those fresh back to school shoes. If you crushed your summer reading, you’ll love these book memes.

When Your Kid Comes Home From School With A, Getty Images

Is this a joke?

I wonder how long it will be before it “breaks.”

You Embracing Paul Revere Every Morning Telling “the Bus Is Coming! The Bus Is Coming!”, Getty Images


Off to the races.

You Preparing To Read Your Child’s, Getty Images

Get ready

How much homework?

Teachers On The First Day Of, Getty Images

More coffee

Still not enough. Take a sip of our carefully crafted coffee quotes that will make you laugh a latte.

But, But, But I Don’t Want To Go Back To, Getty Images

The night before

Honestly, I’m not sure I blame them.

Nothing Like Brand New, Freshly Sharpened, Getty Images

New year, new me

So perfect you almost don’t want to use them. Almost.

Mom’s After They Drop Their Kids Off At, Getty Images

Happy days

Things are looking up.

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super, Getty Images


Back to school isn’t only exhausting for the kids. If these back to school memes are getting to you, check out these mom memes that will make you double over with laughter.

When You Told Yourself, You Would Never Need Long Division, But Then Your Kid Asks For Homework, Getty Images

Come on

I didn’t even know how to do this when I was the student.

Target The Day Before The First Day Of, Getty Images

School supplies

May the odds be ever in your favor.

The Most Exciting Part Of “back To School”, Getty Images

New shoes

Nothing like a new pair of kicks.

Nothing Says “back To School” Like Buying Large Quantities Of Paper Towels, Kleenex, And 100 Glue, Getty Images

Don’t forget those No. 2 pencils

Back to school or the apocalypse?

Preparing For “back To School” By Making The Kids Lunches They Don’t Want To, Getty Images

PB & J again?

The other kids always seem to have better snacks.

Teacher Friends Catching Up On The First, Getty Images

True friends

You missed them. Don’t miss these funny friend memes you’ll want to send to your BFF ASAP.

When Another Teacher Has A Pinterest Inspired Classroom, But You Still Need To Unload Your, Getty Images

Is this a joke?

You’re making the rest of us look bad. It’s okay—at least you have a stash of the best grammar memes to laugh at while you lesson plan.

When You Buy You Kid New Sneakers For School, And They Come Home Like, Getty Images


How dirty can one person get?

But Don’t You See? If I Organize My Classroom And Make It Super Cute, The Whole Year Will Run, Getty Images

It’s the thought that counts

We need to appreciate teachers more for trying so hard.

You After Getting Ready For The First Day Of, Getty Images


What is more tiring? Going to school or the preparation that goes into going to school?

When The Kids Start Coughing In The, Getty Images

Oh, please

Absolutely fake. (Probably. It is the time of COVID after all.) Check out these animal memes that may even remind you of your own children.

Mom Trying To Get The Most Perfect “first Day Of School”, Getty Images

Every year

This will occur through college.

When Your Kid Is Actually Growing Up Way Too, Getty Images

But you actually may miss them

Where did the time go?

Ready To Conquer The First Day Of, Getty Images

Ready to get educated

If anyone can do it, they can.

You After The First Day Of, Getty Images

Crushed it

Now if only I was ready for the second day. Now that you’ve giggled over these back to school memes, crack up over these Labor Day memes that will cure the end of summer blues.

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