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20 Tasty Snack Recipes

The perfect way to end a school day.

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Tomato Tossle
Like Italian food? If you do, you’ll love this tomato-tossed snack!

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Dog N’ Bean Cups
Wieners and beans look spectacular dressed up in their own bread cups.

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Ham & Cheese Wafflewich
Forget the bread. Ham and cheese taste so much better in a waffle sandwich!

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Tutti-Frutti Mini-Crisps
These crispy fruit cups are delicious and nutritious.

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Fruit Island
This fruity recipe is delicious and filling.

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Stir-Crazy Granola
Bored with the usual snack ideas? Try this new take on granola by stir-frying it.

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Don’t Box Me in Pudding
Pudding doesn’t come from a box! This is how real chefs make it. If you want to eat this cold, cover with plastic wrap that touches the top of the pudding and refrigerate for 2 hours.

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The Great Apple & Cheese Squeeze
This apple and cheese-filled snack offers a fresh take on the usual quesadilla.

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Mix-Master Snacks-A-Lot
You’ll be the master mixer with this sweet and salty snack.

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Chillin’ Cheese Toast
Chill out! The coolest way to eat chilli is on a cheesy slice of toast.

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Micro Chips
These crisp pita chips are great for dipping!

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Presto Pizzeria Buns
This recipe will transform regular rolls into pizza buns.

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Countdown Fruit Salad
Counting, measuring and dividing are involved in this mathematical masterpiece. Add up the ingredients and the sum is a yummy salad. Save any leftover fruit to make smoothies or put in yogurt.

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Man-Go-Go Smoothie
Grab some mango for this smoothie recipe and you’ll have all the energy you need!

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The Tower of Trifle
The goodies are piled high in this sweet treat with cake, pudding, strawberries and bananas. Use any kind of cake you like.

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Berry Me Alive
Sound scary? If you don’t drink it quick, it will get so thick you’ll have to dig yourself out with a spoon!

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Buffoon’s Macaroons
You won’t find an easier way to make these chewy chocolate treats.

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Hit-The-Trail Mix
Give yourself enough energy to make it through to dinner with this fruit and nut mix.

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Ham & Pea Hide-&-Seek
Ham and peas mixed with cheesy pasta shells make for a hearty and delicious snack.

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