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Bathroom Design Fails That Will Make You Do a Double-Take

While creative, these DIY bathroom projects are hysterically horrible.

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Overhead-tub-spout-1Courtesy Structure Tech

Ceiling tub spout

The bare-all window isn’t even the strangest part of this bathroom arrangement. The whirlpool tub fills from the upstairs toilet! Yikes! Here are 19 clever decorating tricks to make a small bathroom look larger.

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Backwards-Toilet-TankCourtesy Structure Tech

Backward toilet tank

Believe it or not, this toilet tank was installed backwards! We hope someone didn’t spend money on a plumber for this job. Here are 31 secrets your plumber won’t tell you.

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toilet paper holder in cabinetCourtesy Structure Tech

Creative toilet roll location

We’re not quite sure why this homeowner went to the trouble of cutting into the vanity cabinet to install a toilet paper holder. Mounting it on the wall would have made a lot more sense. Here’s why this woman used a bidet and will never go back to using toilet paper ever again.

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showerhead attached to tub faucetCourtesy Structure Tech

Showerhead tub faucet

When you choose a bathtub and shower combo for your bathroom, I don’t think this is what you have in mind! Here’s how to clean the 16 dirtiest items in your home.

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sink on top of toiletCourtesy Structure Tech

There’s enough room for a sink…really

Obviously this homeowner didn’t let a small bathroom get in the way of his plans. We’re just not convinced this was the best choice for the sink location. Here are 50 strange things people have done to their homes.

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toilet in the kitchenCourtesy Structure Tech

Wait, the toilet is where?

We love to think of creative solutions for a small space— but placing the toilet in the kitchen is just a step too far. Eww! Here are 18 bathroom design fails that’ll make you do a double-take.

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Cool-shower with all angle shower heads shower car washCourtesy Structure Tech

Got pipes?

Sure, a grab bar in the shower is a nice safety feature (especially for seniors), but this homeowner might have gone a little overboard. If you’re looking for an upgrade, here are some really amazing bathroom updates that don’t cost a fortune.

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bathroom fan smaller than openingCourtesy Structure Tech

Bath fan faux pas

This bathroom fan cover is proof that you should always measure twice, cut once. Here are 31 things you haven’t cleaned in a long time—but really should! 

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Jamie-Hyneman-Toilet-1Courtesy Structure Tech

Extra large toilet tank lid

Well, this homeowner learned the hard way that one size does not fit all when it comes to toilet tank lids. Here are 17 more tips for cleaning tricky household items.

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Low-ShowerCourtesy Structure Tech

How low can you go?

Looks like this shower head is at about toddler-height. Which is not exactly practical. This is the reason why the best ideas come to you in the shower

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Lone-ToiletCourtesy Structure Tech

A toilet with no privacy

So much for the one place you can get some alone time! We don’t think the open-concept floor plan trend was meant for bathrooms. Here are 12 home renovations you’re likely to regret later.

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Corner-Toilet wall cutout fixCourtesy Structure Tech

Corner toilet problems

We’re not really a fan of either of these solutions, but apparently the homeowner went the money-saving route. Here’s a tip: If you have to cut into the drywall to make a toilet fit, you might need to relocate the toilet.

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Duct-tape-wall bathroomCourtesy Structure Tech

Duct tape tile

Sure, duct tape is great for a lot of repairs, but definitely not for bathroom tile. Also, here’s why it’s “duct tape” and not “duck tape.”

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Old-toilet-2Courtesy Structure Tech

Antique toilet

Vintage furniture and accessories can add great character to your home. We just don’t think anyone wants to use an antique toilet. On the flip side, here are 10 antique treasures that could be in your home right now.

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toilet paper holder behind doorCourtesy Structure Tech

Toilet paper door stop

Someone didn’t quite get the space planning right for this bathroom. The door opens directly onto the toilet paper holder. Oops.

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Blocked-Outlet behind toiletCourtesy Structure Tech

Difficult-to-reach outlet

Well here’s one argument against doing your own electrical work. You might pick the wrong outlet locations like this unlucky homeowner. Here are 36 plumbing nightmares that will make you cringe.

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tub inside shower enclosureCourtesy Structure Tech

Tub inside shower

We like shower and bathtub combos, but this one is pretty unique (to put it gently). Next, here’s the reason why you probably shouldn’t be washing your face in the shower.

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