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20 Jaw-Dropping Pictures of the World’s Most Amazing Trees

Get inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature with these stunning tree pictures. The world is truly full of wonders.

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Dark Hedges

Tree pictures don’t get much better than this photo. In Northern Ireland, there is a row of beech trees called Dark Hedges that are especially picturesque. Here are the most gorgeous waterfalls in every state.

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This Bosnian pine in northern Greece is possibly Europe’s oldest tree at 1075 years.

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Rainbow eucalyptus

This tree, photographed in Hawaii, is also called Mindanao gum, rainbow gum, or eucalyptus deglupta. Tree pictures of this species highlight the colorful streaks in the bar. These are the most colorful natural wonders on the planet.

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Fall trees

Fall colors are captured perfectly in this mixed forest near Skanderborg, Denmark.

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Cherry trees

A cherry-tree lined street in Bonn, Germany is a gorgeous sight.

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Glorious jacaranda trees

Although most tree photos of the jacarandas are from South Africa, San Diego actually declared it their official city tree. These are the gorgeous photos you need to see to celebrate spring.

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Dragon blood trees

Dragon blood trees in Yemen make for gorgeous tree photos too. These gorgeous photos of cheetahs will remind you of the beauty of nature.

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Joshua Tree

This Joshua Tree, photographed California, is native to regions of southwestern North America. Clusters of spiky leaves grow at the ends of the tree. There’s even a national park named after this tree species. Here are the national parks that are off the beaten path.

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Baobab trees

Some Baobab trees, on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa, were left after the area was logged.

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The General Sherman tree a Giant Redwood, or Sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum, in Sequoia National Park, California, USA.It is one of the largest tree on the planet.
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The General Sherman Tree

General Sherman is a giant sequoia tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California. It is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth.

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People sitting on a wall under a Flame Tree (Delonix regia) in front of the monastery of Santo Domingo de Guzman, center, Oaxaca, Mexico
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Royal poinciana

This tree is native to Madagascar and is known for having colorful fern-like leaves—providing the perfect splash of color for tree pictures.

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Wisteria trees are native. Thanks to their ability to bend, a group of Wisteria trees can create large tunnels of blue, pink, purple, and white.

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Flamboyant tree

With its vibrant-colored flowers, this tropical tree is truly deserving of the name “flamboyant.”

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Magnolia tree

Magnolia trees are one of the prettiest U.S.-native trees you can find around. They grow all around the country and bloom during spring and summertime. While spring blossoms are truly beautiful, make sure you check out these 40 stunning photos of national parks covered in snow.

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Banyan tree

A Banyan tree can make for a beautiful sight, but the way it grows is not exactly a pretty story. Banyan tree seeds grow in the cracks and crevices on a host tree, or on other structures like buildings and bridges.

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Bald Cypress Trees

The Bald Cypress is the classic tree of southern swamps. Don’t let the name fool you—the tree isn’t actually bald. While trees are truly beautiful, make sure you check out the best national parks to visit for spring wildflowers.

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Weeping willow

Weeping willow trees have long, dangling branches that give the impression of falling teardrops. Seeing the tree grow frequently around the Euphrates River, the famous botanist Linnaeus believed the tree was the willow of biblical mention and gave it the scientific name of “babylonica.”

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The Grizzly Giant

“The Grizzly Giant” is a sequoia tree located in the Yosemite National Park. It is rumored to be struck by lightning more times than we count. Check out these stunning mountain towns.

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The Chapel Oak

This old oak tree truly makes for an interesting sight. Rumored to be between 800 to 1200 years old, the tree is located in  Allouville-Bellefosse, France. The tree was hollowed out by a strike of lightning, and the residents of the town built a chapel inside the hollowed-out trunk.

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Methuselah - The oldest living Great Basin bristlecone pine ( Pinus longaeva) tree in the world. Bristlecone Pine Forest in the white mountains, eastern California, USA.


This 4,849-year-old pine tree is in the White Mountains of eastern California. It is the second-oldest tree in the entire world. Next, check out these spectacular photos of America’s parks.