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10 Beauty Products You Should Be Keeping in the Fridge

Do your beauty products keep going bad? Use your fridge to help them last longer, and get more bang for your beauty buck.


Eye cream

One of the most obvious candidates for cold storage is eye cream. When your eye cream is chilled, it can help deflate under-eye bags more quickly by reducing puffiness and boosting circulation. So it lasts longer and it’s also more effective.



Store your lippies in a cool spot to give new meaning to long-wearing. Heat is dangerous to lipstick because it can cause its natural oils to go bad. Keeping lipsticks refrigerated—or at least away from heat—can prevent the lipsticks’ chemicals from decomposing.


Facial mists and sprays

Applying a cold facial mist or spray is a win-win for your skin. Refrigeration can make the products last longer, and putting a cold spray on your skin feels more refreshing than when it’s room temperature. A cold mist or spray can also help soothe dry or inflamed skin more effectively than a warm product.



As you move through the fall and winter months, make sure to stash any leftover sunscreen you have from the summer in your fridge, as leaving them out can lessen the effects of SPF over time. If you have extra lotions or cans lying around, pop them in the fridge now for next summer.



Liquid makeup has a short shelf life, and mascara is no exception. If mascara is kept in warm temperatures for too long, bacteria can start to reproduce and it can develop a bad odor. Experts recommending tossing your mascara every three months anyway, whether you’ve kept it cool or not. (Related: See how the right eye makeup can make your eyes really pop!)



Perfumes are sensitive to heat, which can cause chemical changes that alter their scent. Since too much light and heat isn’t good for your perfume, storing it in a dark fridge can help preserve the fragrance.



Like facial spray, toner can be more effective when it’s applied cold. The chilled liquid helps reduce puffiness and stimulate your face while reducing redness, and the refrigerator can help your toner last longer too.


Organic beauty products

Natural products that are made without preservatives need to be treated more like fresh produce than normal beauty products because they spoil more quickly. Organic and natural products also need to be stored in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth. The exception is face or body oils, including coconut and olive oils—they’ll solidify with the cold.



One of the most common uses for aloe is healing sunburns, and keeping aloe cold helps it do this job even better. Applying cold aloe to sunburns helps reduce itching and burning and speeding healing.

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Nail polish

Sunlight and heat can make your favorite nail polish gloppy and turn it strange colors. Storing it in the fridge can help preserve its true color while keeping the formula thin and easy to apply. Here’s what your nail polish color says about your personality!

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