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The Best Coffee Shops in All 50 States

A good cup of coffee not only benefits your body and brain, it can soothe your soul. Here's where to find the best of the best in every state

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A Cup of hot latte art coffee on wooden tablePanuphon/Shutterstock

Alabama: Turbo Coffee

The hiking’s great in Alabama and so is the coffee, especially if you make your way to Florence. That’s the home of Turbo Coffee, which is the coffee shop that got the highest ratings in’s recent survey. It has a speakeasy kind of vibe thanks to its location in the back of Florence’s Greasy Hands Barbershop, but don’t let that intimidate you—the coffee’s worth the trip.

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Talkeetna Roadhousevia

Alaska: Talkeetna Roadhouse

Talkeetna Roadhouse is the top pick of Espresso Gurus, a coffee/espresso-centric blog from a self-described coffeeholic who has visited some of the best coffee houses in the world. The place combines excellent coffee with huge portions of great-tasting food in a historic building (dating back to 1917) with a traditional roadhouse atmosphere—customers sit together at huge tables. Make sure to heed these 9 rules of coffee shop etiquette.

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Bisbee Coffee Companyvia

Arizona: Bisbee Coffee Company

Bisbee Coffee Company is the only coffee house in Bisbee, Arizona and one of just a few in southeastern Arizona. “Walk down here after taking the Queen mine tour on a cold day and order the Mexican Mocha,” one Yelp reviewer suggests. Plus they roast their own beans right on the premises. If you love a good cup of coffee, be sure to check out these 8 health myths about coffee.

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The Depotvia

Arkansas: The Depot

The Espresso Gurus say that The Depot in Fayetteville is the best coffee shop in Arkansas. Part of that is about the coffee, but part is about the atmosphere: It’s in a former train freight building (OK, more of a freight train junkyard) that was built at the turn of the 20th century. Fully refurbished a century later, it now has a “comfortable, cozy, and lived-in feel you get immediately.” Find out if you’re a true java junkie: Do you know these 10 weird coffee facts?

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Klatch Coffeevia

California: Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee in San Dimas is on Thrillist’s top ten list of coffee roasters in the country. For the past 20 years, this family-owned business has been sourcing beans from all over the world. It’s roastmaster, Mike Perry, who has a degree in chemical engineering, somehow manages to turn science into art as he chooses the best beans and then oversees their roasting in his signature style whereby “each individual coffee varietal is roasted to its unique peak flavor profile.” Here are 11 ways to make your coffee habit healthier.

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Cannabis coffee - marijuana leaf on coffee foam, rustic wood backgroundOleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock

Colorado: Hive Co-Op at Front Tea & Art Shop

It’s difficult to narrow down the best coffee shop in a state where amazing coffee shops are virtually everywhere you turn. Instead, we’re going with the most unique—the Hive Co-Op in Lafayette, Colorado’s first cannabis-friendly coffee bar (it’s strictly BYO, however—you can’t buy cannabis on the premises). The Hive isn’t for the daytime coffee-drinker as it’s open only at night—in the space where the Front Tea & Art Shop sells its handmade wares alongside teas and coffees.

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Aachen/ Germany - 07.12.2018: Coffee cup and coffee beans on wooden tableRadu Gheorghita/Shutterstock

Connecticut: Chocopologie

There’s a special place in Norwalk where “Coffee is king” and “Chocolate is his queen.” Considering how much we love chocolate, and how good for you chocolate can be, that makes Chocopologie our top choice for coffee shops in Connecticut. In the words of CBS Connecticut, “Pastry chefs and chocolatiers work in full view of the patrons, who can sip their premium Cafés do Brasil while browsing the gallery where owner and creator Fritz Knipschildt displays his chocolate art, which includes dresses decorated with chocolates that have been worn at the Chocolate Show in New York.”

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Delaware: Brew Ha Ha

Delaware’s local chain, Brew Ha Ha, has nine locations around Delaware and has been keeping locals in a happy Italian-inspired espresso buzz for more than two decades. Founder Alisa Morkides got the idea for her shop on a trip to Tuscany; she has the beans roasted locally (the only coffee shop in Delaware to use locally-roasted beans). That may help explain why Brew Ha Ha has been rated “Best In Delaware” for 23 years in a row. Check out these 13 surprising marriage laws, one of which is on the books in Delaware.

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Cup of coffee with beautiful Latte artbehindlens/Shutterstock

Florida: Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee in Miami has “truly changed the way Miami drinks coffee,” according to the Miami New Times. The owners do their own roasting of beans curated from tiny farms. They post origin details on each variety they brew so that your experience isn’t just the pleasure of drinking delicious coffee, but also learning how it came to you. The place has a “convivial” atmosphere, says one reviewer—so much so that this person advises you’ll need a second cup to get on with your day. Did you know the three best places to retire are all in Florida?

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Land of a Thousand Hills Coffeevia

Georgia: Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

There’s a lot of turnover in the Georgia coffee house business, but it’s a safe bet that Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (Roswell) will be around for a while longer, and let’s hope so because it’s known as a place to have a “high-quality cup of coffee that provides a living wage to coffee growers,” and its self-described mission is to “do good, and doing good means we get to help people and champion dignity.” Here’s an ingredient you may want to add to your coffee.

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white cup with tea or coffee on sand beach front of sea, close upJuta/Shutterstock

Hawaii: Kona Joe

The best coffee shop in Hawaii, reports Trip Advisor, is Kona Joe in Kealakekua on the island of Hawaii. According to one reviewer, it’s got the best coffee on the planet. Another satisfied customer says she discovered Kona Joe by accident on vacation and now has a standing monthly order with the place: three pounds of beans shipped to her home in Los Angeles. Watch for the 7 signs you might be drinking too much coffee.

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District Coffee Housevia

Idaho: District Coffee House

What would you say to sipping coffee that’s been micro-batch fire-roasted using 100 percent Arabica beans from around the world and knowing that all the profits are going to a 12-orphanage network called Send Hope (raising awareness and financial support for the children, including their education and health care)? Well, we’d say, “done deal” and quickly make our way to the District Coffee House in Boise. Here’s the real reason why you should never order coffee at McDonald’s.

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Intelligentsia Coffeevia

Illinois: Intelligentsia Coffee

When ranked the 25 Best American Coffee Shops, it “combed the country for the coffee shops that combine craft with hospitality, for inviting spaces that spark creativity, and for roasters who know how to make your morning brew tell a story.” The list is dominated by entries from California, New York, and Oregon—but the city of broad shoulders (Chicago) elbowed its way on with Intelligentsia, the sole entry from Illinois. The Logan Square location is set up like an actual bar.

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Starlight Coffee Co.via

Indiana: Starlight Coffee Co.

Starlight Coffee Co. is frequently on Indiana’s “best of” lists. “Established in 2002, Starlight Coffee Company is the oldest roaster operator in Southern Indiana,” its website notes. “We roast our own beans locally, in Starlight, Indiana and work with green bean buyers to acquire the highest grade specialty coffee.” Starlight’s origin story is as much about the town of Starlight, with its smalltown, rugged warmth, as it is about the coffee itself. And that’s pretty good: According to one Yelp reviewer, the java is “deliciously smooth and creamy with absolutely no bitterness.”

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red coffee cup. top viewDima Sobko/Shutterstock

Iowa: Cup of Joe

The Cup of Joe in Cedar Falls, with its candy-colored 1950’s retro-look website, bills itself as a “one-of-a-kind espresso bar with 1950s flair.” Featuring fair-trade and organic coffee, local pastries, and weekly music events, it’s got rave reviews on Trip Advisor. One reviewer goes so far as to declare it not only best coffee shop in Iowa, but also “maybe the world.” Good news—you may be able to drink way more coffee than you ever dreamed.

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Homemade chocolate chip cookies and a cup of coffee on dark old wooden table. Sweet dessert.DC Studio/Shutterstock

Kansas: Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro

With its “quaint and relaxing” vibe and its delicious coffees, teas, and bistro foods (including a number of vegetarian and gluten-free options), Topeka’s Blackbird Espresso Bar & Bistro gets consistently four- and five-star reviews on Yelp. One reviewer raves that “the barista was a perfect combo of friendly and non-intrusive,” and the chocolate chip cookie was “the BEST chocolate chip cookie of my LIFE.” Here’s how coffee may actually help protect your brain.

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Harden Coffeevia

Kentucky: Harden Coffee

College students are willing to drive way out of their way just to get their coffee fix from Harden Coffee in Campbellsville, according to a coffee-loving college student in The Odyssey. “It’s delicious and their latte art is amazing. The location is rustic and the employees are so kind. If you can’t tell, this is my favorite coffee shop. If you’re ever in the area you MUST go to Harden Coffee.” Here are 10 problems that only coffee lovers can understand—and how to fix them.

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Coffee cup on the wooden table.Rodin Anton/Shutterstock

Louisiana: Cafe Du Monde

Yes, it’s a famous spot in New Orleans, but you would be truly missing out if you didn’t try the chicory roast brew and the incredible beignets at Cafe Du Monde. This Big Easy classic got its start in 1862, and it stays open 24 hours a day year-round, closing only on Christmas and for the occasional hurricane.

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Bard Coffeevia

Maine: Bard Coffee

According to a survey by Eater, Bard Coffee in Portland is such a standout that the locals ignore the Starbucks across the street. The place is named for the Celtic order of poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the exploits of chieftains and heroes. Bard’s self-proclaimed mission is to “tell the stories” of all that goes into each cup of coffee they serve, promising an “extraordinary total coffee experience.” Here are 11 facts amazing about caffeine.

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Spoons Cafe and Coffeevia

Maryland: Spoons Cafe and Coffee

“A coffee shop should be…a neighborhood hangout, the place you can see your friends, an atmosphere that’s warm and friendly, and makes you want to stay a while,” according to Best Things Maryland, whose list of coolest coffee shops in Maryland includes Baltimore’s Spoons, which is a true coffee-shop unicorn in that it’s both kid-friendly (it was voted “best kid-friendly restaurant” in Baltimore) and cool (it was also voted Baltimore’s “best coffeehouse”). Here are 6 clever ways to reuse coffee grounds.

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Pavement Coffeehousevia

Massachusetts: Pavement Coffeehouse / Render Coffee

According to The Daily Meal, two of the best coffee shops in America are located right in Boston: Pavement Coffeehouse and Render Coffee. We believe it’s because both shops make their coffee using direct-trade Counter Culture Coffee from North Carolina (our pick for North Carolina’s top coffee shop). points out that Pavement has also made Travel + Leisure‘s list of “America’s Coolest Coffeehouses,’ and Render has a specially calibrated formula for its brewing process.

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Madcap Coffeevia

Michigan: Madcap Coffee

Grand Rapids features Madcap Coffee, a spot that Thrillist rated number three in the country. The coffee shop also appears on Food Network’s list of the country’s best coffee houses. They take coffee to a new level: You can enjoy tasting flights or order your espresso in a snifter. Plus, the company has a “zero waste” policy which turns all trash into either compost or recyclables. Check out these 7 surprising uses for coffee grounds.

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Paradise Coffee Roastersvia

Minnesota: Paradise Coffee Roasters

When you’re looking for a top-notch coffee bar in Minnesota, you’ll want to head over to Paradise, according to Mental Floss’s survey of the best coffee roasters in each of the 50 states: “Since 2002, founder R. Miguel Meza and his team have been hand-selecting and micro-roasting the very best blends from growers in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia.” Don’t be surprised by the 10 unexpected things that can happen when you stop drinking coffee.

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Close up image of espresso pouring into white cupsDigital Genetics/Shutterstock

Mississippi: Strange Brew Coffeehouse

The Strange Brew Coffeehouse in Starkville features coffee made with Mississippi-roasted beans, which the locals rave about. They also love the “crazy tasty original espresso drinks” that you can’t find anywhere else. So, if you’re looking for a Capt’n Crunch Latte, an Albino Squirrel, or a Sea Turtle Frappe, you’ll need to come by. And when you do, bring your computer, and stay awhile on one of the comfy upstairs couches. Find out the best time of day to drink your coffee.

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Oddly Correctvia

Missouri: Oddly Correct

“Kansas City, Missouri, has the best U.S. coffee scene you’ve never heard of,” according to Epicurious. They single out Oddly Correct as the scene’s “punk-rock older brother.” Where else can you get in-house roasted coffee during the morning rush hour while listening to tunes spun by local DJs? Take a load off by sitting at counters made from poured concrete with wood accents taken from old coffee pallets? One catch: if you want one of their three weekly specialty coffees, you’re not allowed to have any milk or sugar! Here’s what your favorite coffee order reveals about you.

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Black Coffee Roasting Co.via

Montana: Black Coffee Roasting Co.

When in Montana, if you like your “coffee dark and your products green,” you’ll want to make your way to Black Coffee Roasting Co. in Missoula, according to Mental Floss’s 50-state coffee roaster survey. The blends are all “sustainable, craft roasted, and 100 percent organic.” And they sound delicious. “For an indulgent sip, try the rich-bodied variety called The Hunt, which promises hints of baker’s chocolate, strawberry, honey, and graham cracker.” Check out this surprising way that coffee helps you learn.

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Hot coffee on wooden tabletaa22/Shutterstock

Nebraska: The Mill Coffee and Tea

According to Trip Advisor, the best coffee shop in Nebraska is The Mill Coffee and Tea in Lincoln. “What’s not to like?” asks one reviewer: The coffee selection is fantastic, both in the light and the dark roasts, the service is unprecedented, and the ambiance is welcoming and casual. Plus, it’s located right smack in the middle of Lincoln’s entertainment district. Did you know that the way you prefer to drink your coffee can reveal some scary stuff about your personality?

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The Coffee Cupvia

Nevada: The Coffee Cup

The Coffee Cup Cafe in Boulder City calls itself “World Famous”—deservedly so: It was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. But also, it offers what some shout is the “VERY BEST COFFEE” along with American retro-diner-style food cooked fresh to order. Here are 10 of America’s best retro-burger joints.

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Two women discussing business projects in a cafe while having coffeeYulia Grigoryeva/Shutterstock

New Hampshire: Dirt Cowboy Cafe

We learned about the Dirt Cowboy Cafe from some Dartmouth College students—a fave in part because it’s so close to the Dartmouth campus in Hanover. But convenience isn’t the primary draw: Look to the in-house roasted beans, the great collection of teas, and the hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows (not to mention the shabby-chic ambiance).

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Barista making latte or Cappuccino art with frothy foam, coffee cup in cafe.This Is Me/Shutterstock

New Jersey: Cafe Volan Coffee Shop

When seeking out the best “beans and vibes” in the Garden State, the Food Network recommends heading to the shore, and in particular, Asbury Park’s Cafe Volan Coffee Shop. Despite its beach location, it still manages to draw crowds in the winter months, when its ” brews are still scorching-hot and especially delicious.” And that may be because one of Cafe Volan’s bean sources is Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina.

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Close up Coffee latte art on black backgroundSingkham/Shutterstock

New Mexico: Holy Spirit Espresso

If you’re spending time in New Mexico, you’re probably already enjoying the local colors and flavors, in which case, it won’t be hard to convince you to get your next coffee fix at Holy Spirit Espresso. “This spot is as teeny as it is quirky,” says Only In Your State’s survey of the 12 best indie coffeehouses in New Mexico; the site also recommends that checking out the Holy Spirit’s personally-curated “currency collection.”

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Recess Coffee House & Roasteryvia

New York: Recess Coffee House & Roastery

If you think you have to head into New York City to get your best New York coffee, think again. Syracuse’s Recess Coffee House & Roastery is known not only as one of the top coffee places in the state but one of the top in the country. According to, Recess’s cozy couches are the perfect place to curl up to escape the cold, and its in-house sustainable roasting practices give it serious caffeine cred.” Here’s why you shouldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach.

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Counter Culture Coffeevia

North Carolina: Counter Culture Coffee

Durham based Counter Culture Coffee is Thrillist’s number one coffee pick in the country, in part because of its dedication to both “coffee perfection” and sustainability. As one Yelper says, “Guys, if you live anywhere in the country where you can find Counter Culture Coffee, you should buy it. They are absolutely one of the best roasters in the world. What they can do to up your coffee game at home, or the offerings of coffee shops all around, is simply astounding. ” Watching your weight this winter? Try these calorie-free coffee hacks.

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Male hand hold mug of espresso coffee on wood table.Pushish Images/Shutterstock

North Dakota: Babbs Coffee House

The institution known as Babb’s Coffee House in Jamestown has a unique pitch: Its theme is Seattle, and the place features beans from the city, and a stage backdrop featuring the city’s skyline (Babb’s features live music and poetry readings). However, its location, in what used to be the James River National Bank, is pure North Dakota, according to Only In Your State.

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Rising Star Coffee Roastersvia

Ohio: Rising Star Coffee Roasters

According to, there are five top contenders for best Ohio coffee shop. But we’re singling out Cleveland’s Rising Star Coffee Roasters because of its historic location (in the old Ohio City Firehouse), its locally roasted beans, its focus on organic coffees, its dedication to charity (for example, the first dollar of every pound sold of one of their blends is donated to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital). Here are 9 powerful ways to be charitable without breaking the bank.

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Hoboken Coffee Roastersvia

Oklahoma: Hoboken Coffee Roasters

“You would never guess that this quaint little coffee shop sits in a remodeled garage in historic downtown Guthrie,” reports travel website Only In Your State. The sites singling out Hoboken Coffee Roasters, which roasts its beans in-house and is considered a “true gem” for the community of Guthrie, as well as one of Oklahoma’s most unique coffee houses. Ever wonder what might happen if you make the switch from coffee to tea?

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white coffee cup on backgroundDima Sobko/Shutterstock

Oregon: Trailhead Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for the quintessential Portland destination, you should head for Trailhead Coffee Roasters, according to Epicurious. This mobile coffee experience features fair-trade, locally roasted brews that are delivered via a bike-coffee bar. The entire company is “carbon-neutral,” with even the wholesale bean deliveries made by bike. For the eco-minded, it doesn’t get much better. If you love the subtleties of coffee tasting, you can choose your coffee the way you might choose a wine—based on whether it has hints of berry, nuts, citrus, smoke, chocolate, caramel, and “earthiness.”

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La Colombevia

Pennsylvania: La Colombe

La Colombe now has locations across the nation, but their flagship 11,000 square-foot space in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia is an experience simply not to be missed, according to Best Things PA. The enormous space includes both a roastery and a tasting room, a pizza oven, and a rum distillery. In addition to typical coffeehouse fare, La Colombe also serves cocktails, wine, beer, “and the best White Russian you’ve ever encountered.” If you want to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee at home, check out our 5 tricks for making the best homebrew.

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The Duck and Bunnyvia

Rhode Island: The Duck and Bunny

Providence’s The Duck and Bunny bills itself as a “snuggery”—a cozy and comfortable space. Spoon University—a food and drink specialty site—concurs: “With a comfy atmosphere, they serve brunch, coffee and tea, crepes, cupcakes” and more. The best time to visit is during the summer when the garden is open, but with brunch served every day, a cigar bar, and a cocktail menu, anytime could be the right time. Find out what happened when one of our writers traded coffee for green tea for a week.

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Kudu Coffee and Craft Beervia

South Carolina: Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

The Espresso Gurus picked Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer in Charleston for its choice offerings: coffee or beer. Whichever you want, Kudu has you covered, according to the Gurus. It also has a “fine-looking outdoor courtyard” and no WiFi—a boon to those who prefer conversation with their libations. Did you know that a coffee a day may help keep liver cancer at bay?

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Pump Housevia

South Dakota: Pump House

The best coffee in South Dakota, according to Trip Advisor, is at Pump House in Deadwood, a “cultural and spiritual gem of the Black Hills.” The Pump House features “locally roasted coffee drinks, pastries, snacks, and a variety of cold drinks” as well as beer and wine, all of which can be enjoyed while gazing on the gorgeous view of the Black Hills and watching handcrafted glass sculptures being created before your eyes.

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Barista Parlorvia

Tennessee: Barista Parlor

According to Epicurious, Nashville’s Barista Parlor is steeped in local flavor. The barista’s aprons are custom-designed by a local company. Their bowties are from a local apparel maker. The massive mural on the wall is by a Nashville artist and pays homage to coffee-carrying ships. The food that isn’t made in-house is locally sourced. To top it off, you get a bandanna for a napkin. On good-weather days, this quirky Music City coffee house invites local bands to play on an outdoor stage, and there are plans for the frontman of the rock band The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach, to open up a second outpost.

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Texas: Blacksmith

Houston’s Blacksmith is the sole Texas entry in Epicurious‘s 25-best ranking. Baristas can help you pair Houston’s “famous Greenway Coffee” with an inspired menu overseen by Erin Smith, formerly of Per Se and Babbo, two of New York City’s top eateries. Your decaf cup of joe may have more caffeine than you realize.

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Park City Coffee Roastervia

Utah: Park City Coffee Roaster

The Park City Coffee Roaster gets a lot of love from the reviewers on Trip Advisor (though two sourpusses can’t agree on whether the coffee is too strong or too weak). This well-located spot carefully sources its beans and offers gorgeous views of the nearby peaks.

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Cup of coffee on a wood table.pongpinun traisrisilp/Shutterstock

Vermont: Uncommon Grounds

Burlington’s Uncommon Grounds was named Best Coffee Roaster in Vermont by Seven Days (a Vermont magazine). “The in-house roasting, speedy service, and seasonal outdoor seating make this a fave on the Church Street Marketplace,” the publication proclaims. “So do the organic and exotic teas, chai lattes made from scratch, and various baked goods.” And don’t miss the rotating collection of local art on the walls.

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Black Sheep Coffeevia

Virginia: Black Sheep Coffee

According to, Black Sheep Coffee in the historic Ice House building in Harrisonburg is the cream of Virginia’s coffee shop crop. Black Sheep’s coffee is sourced from local roasters around the state, but they also feature a large selection of both Rishi loose leaf tea blends and specialty “artesian” sodas from quirky East Coast suppliers like Harmony Springs (Massachusetts), Maine Root (Maine) and Blenheim Ginger Ale (South Carolina). Throw in the plum location (less than a quarter mile from an Indonesian café (Boboko), a microbrewery (Pale Fire Brewing Company), and the Hugo Kohl American Jewelry Museum.

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starbucks reservevia

Washington: Starbucks Reserve Roasters

It’s tough to pick a “best” coffee shop for the state that made coffee shops famous, but in a nod to one that blew the business wide open, we’re going to go with Starbucks Reserve Roasters, which USA Today describes as “Starbucks on steroids.” An uber-upscale outpost of Starbucks, the Reserve boasts a “complete and total commitment to the immersive experience of coffee craft and the ongoing pursuit of the world’s rarest, most exalted, most sought-after small-lot coffees.” Here is the one coffee you should never order at Starbucks.

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Vintage latte art coffeesuccesso images/Shutterstock

West Virginia: Joe N’ Throw

While Go To WV lists seven favorite West Virginia coffee shops, only Fairmont’s Joe N’ Throw offers a unique blend of what they call “creative coffee concoctions” and creative arts: “A coffee café/pottery studio hybrid, Joe N’ Throw roasts its own beans and serves drinks in hand-thrown mugs crafted in-house”—which you can buy or you can learn to make yourself. In the evenings, Joe N’ Throw becomes a bustling bar, offering six locally brewed draft beers and live music.

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colectivo coffeevia

Wisconsin: Colectivo Coffee

The shop known as Colectivo Coffee (12 locations in Milwaukee) has been around since 1993; originally, it was called Alterra Coffee Roasters. According to Epicurious, Colectivo has “long been at the vanguard of the U.S. coffee movement… After 20 years, it renamed itself Colectivo after the buses the staff ride when they visit partner coffee farms in Central America.” The “collective” vibe is also apparent in the free tastings, brewing demos, and Monday night classical music concerts.

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Paramount Cafévia

Wyoming: Paramount Café

Espresso Gurus rates Paramount Café in Cheyenne as the best coffee shop in Wyoming thanks to its extraordinary variety of caffeinated drinks, friendly owners, adorable ambiance (it’s in an old Paramount theater, and the walls are covered in art), and live music on weekend nights. Don’t miss the “super secret menu.” Now that you know the best coffee spots, fuel up for these best-kept secrets in every state.

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