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8 of the Most Insane Corn Mazes in America

These life-sized puzzle paths will blow you away.

03-tk-most-insane-corn-mazes-in-america-Courtesy-Treinen-FarmsCourtesy Treinen Farms

Treinen Farm

In Treinen Farm’s 15-acre corn maze, you could cover six miles just trying to get out. But the tricky puzzle isn’t the most impressive thing about Wisconsin’s largest maze—the artwork is. The 2017 “Cabinet of Curiosities” maze featured a 480-foot fossil design. For more seasonal fun, take one of these 11 best road trips for seeing fall foliage.


Richardson Farm

The Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze boasts that it’s the largest, most intricate corn maze in the world. It’s actually four small mazes that create one massive puzzle; pick just one or take the challenge of making your way through all four. There are no dead ends, so you might cross your own path one too many times.

07-tk-most-insane-corn-mazes-in-america-Courtesy-CornbellysCourtesy Cornbelly's


Cornbelly’s has had more than 20 years to perfect the art of the corn maze, and it hasn’t put its efforts to waste. In addition to its crazy intricate main corn maze—which has a different theme every year, from superheroes to politics to David Archuleta—the Utah attraction has a kiddie maze, haunted maze, and even a train ride through a “candy corn” maze. If you’re into scary Halloween-time thrills, don’t miss the spookiest haunted hay rides in America.

Conner PrairieCourtesy Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie

During the rest of the year, Conner Prairie in Indiana is dedicated to showing off a prairie town experience with everything from butter churning lessons to one-room schoolhouses. During the fall, though, it has a 300,000-square foot corn maze covering seven acres of land. Not into getting lost? You can also hop into a hot air balloon that soars more than 350 feet over the maze. Add a corn maze visit to these 28 other things you need on your fall bucket list.

06-tk-most-insane-corn-mazes-in-america-Courtesy-Happy-Day-FarmCourtesy Happy Day Farm

Happy Day Farm

You never know what you’ll get from the annual Happy Day Farm corn maze in New Jersey; themes have included Curious George, football, and the Civil War. If you have trouble navigating, an “intelligent question master” is at your beck and call. Answer his questions correctly and you’ll be rewarded with a directional hint. Don’t miss these other budget-friendly fall activities for families.

05-tk-most-insane-corn-mazes-in-america-Courtesy-Long-&-Scott-FarmsCourtesy Long & Scott Farms

Long & Scott Farms

Thought you missed the boat on an autumn corn maze? No worries—Long & Scott Farms keeps its seven-acre Florida corn maze open all the way into December. Headed to a certain famous Florida theme park instead? Find out what Halloween is like at Disney parks.

08-tk-most-insane-corn-mazes-in-america-Courtesy-Great-Vermont-Corn-MazeCourtesy Great Vermont Corn Maze

Great Vermont Corn Maze

True puzzlers can try their hand at Great Vermont Corn Maze’s 24-acre BIG Maze in Danville, which takes at least two hours to go through. Anyone who’s a little less competitive can go for the Scenic Maze instead—the smaller trail keeps things interesting with an underground tunnel, beautiful views, dinosaurs, and more. When you aren’t lost hiking through corn mazes, steal these other little ways to be healthier in the fall.

Swank Farms

Swank Farms just moved after 17 years in its old California location, but this year promises to be as great as ever. Taking on the “Maniac Maze,” visitors unfold a story as they make their way through the winding paths. Once you’re out, there’s plenty more to enjoy, from a pumpkin slingshot and corn cannons to a “dinosaur dig.” It might be worth the plane ticket—find out why fall is the best time to travel.

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