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The Best Halloween Dish from Every State

Take a look at which spooky Halloween recipe is being brewed in your neck of the woods. Here you'll find recipes for snake-shaped sandwiches, ghostly hot chocolate, Halloween nachos and more.

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Alabama: Orange Gelatin Pretzel SaladTaste of Home

Alabama: Orange Gelatin Pretzel Salad

Salty pretzels pair nicely with the sweet fruit in this refreshing layered salad. It’s a family favorite that is a slam-dunk at potlucks. —Peggy Boyd, Northport, Alabama.
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Alaska: Easy Beef PiesTaste of Home

Alaska: Easy Beef Pies

We make a lot of French dips and always have leftover roast beef. Here’s how I put it to good use. For these pies, use any vegetables you like. They’re extra awesome drenched in cheese sauce. —Jennie Weber, Palmer, Alaska. These DIY Halloween decorations will pair perfectly with these dishes.
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Arizona: Snakewich with Venom SauceTaste of Home

Arizona: Snakewich with Venom Sauce

Our Halloween party is so big, I hold it in the street. This sandwich shaped like a snake is tasty and a scary good centerpiece. —Suzanne Clark, Phoenix, Arizona
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Arkansas: Tater TartsTaste of Home

Arkansas: Tater Tarts

These bite-size potato appetizers combine the tang of sour cream, the sharpness of pepper jack, and the distinct flavor of cilantro to make a delectable snack that’s easy to prepare. —Sona Massey, Stephens, Arkansas. Find out the haunting history of 14 Halloween traditions.
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California: Brainy CakeTaste of Home

California: Brainy Cake

My Godson and I made this cake after a fun day at the science museum. We’ve made it several times now, and we get a kick out of experimenting with the frosting colors. —Faith Cromwell, San Francisco, California
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Colorado: Skull Deviled EggsTaste of Home

Colorado: Skull Deviled Eggs

Thrill partygoers with these bone-chilling deviled eggs. The mayonnaise-filled bites are one of my favorite apps, so I had fun creating a Halloween version. —Nick Iverson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How long is Halloween candy good for?
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Connecticut: Eyes On YouTaste of Home

Connecticut: Eyes On You

Look out! This crazy cupcake only has eyes for you. Don’t worry though, he’s delicious! —Karen Tack, Riverside, Connecticut. Kids love these non-candy Halloween treats.
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Delaware: Edible ArachnidsTaste of Home

Delaware: Edible Arachnids

I bring cake pops to my church group when we have movie nights. This year for Halloween, I used my go-to recipe to make these not-so-scary spiders. —Nicole Rae Paoli, Newark, Delaware
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Florida: Boo-rito BitesTaste of Home

Florida: Boo-rito Bites

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and entertaining is one of my favorite things to do. My entire family loves these cute apps, especially my kids, which makes the recipe extra-special. —Rachel Ruiz, Hurlburt Fld, Florida. Add these spooky, silly Halloween books for kids to your library.
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Georgia: Pasta Squiggles with Pumpkin SauceTaste of Home

Georgia: Pasta Squiggles with Pumpkin Sauce

My family loves this spiral pasta in a tasty pumpkin sauce. Make it for Halloween and call it Creepy-Crawly Noodles! —Lily Julow, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Hawaii: Savory Pumpkin QuicheTaste of Home

Hawaii: Savory Pumpkin Quiche

This quiche satisfies a seasonal craving I get for all things pumpkin. Fresh mushrooms add flavor, and I try different types like baby portobello and cremini mushrooms. —Rachel Garcia, Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is why we carve pumpkins on Halloween.
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Idaho: Spiced Ambrosia PunchTaste of Home

Idaho: Spiced Ambrosia Punch

I love this chai-inspired twist on basic spiced cider punch. It’s so easy to make, and everyone seems pleasantly surprised by the apricot and peach nectars.—Aysha Schurman, Ammon, Idaho
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Illinois: Eyeball Taco SaladTaste of Home

Illinois: Eyeball Taco Salad

Topped with creepy peepers, this tasty taco salad is packed with beef, cheese, tomato, and satisfying southwestern flavor to make everyone in your freaky family happy. —Jolene Young, Union, Illinois
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Indiana: Crescent Roll Witch HatsTaste of Home

Indiana: Crescent Roll Witch Hats

It doesn’t take magic to transform these crescent rolls into charming witch hats—just a few minutes and a couple of ingredients. They’re so good, you’ll want to make a double batch. —Mara Fletcher, Batesville, Indiana. Check out these things you probably never knew about Halloween.
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Iowa: Spooky JoesTaste of Home

Iowa: Spooky Joes

Dressing up an old favorite for the occasion, I made hearty Spooky Joes, served open-faced so everyone could see slices of cheese cut into Halloween shapes topping the beef. The sandwiches were accompanied by orange cheese curls and jack-o-lantern Jell-O jigglers.
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Kansas: Silly Snake SubTaste of Home

Kansas: Silly Snake Sub

This slithering sub makes a fun and tasty centerpiece. Add your own zany, creative touches and feel free to mix and match the meat and cheeses to suit your family’s tastes. You also can add breadsticks to make “legs” if you want the sub to look like a centipede. —Linda Overman, Wichita, Kansas. Did you know why we celebrate Halloween in the first place?
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Kentucky: Owl TreeTaste of Home

Kentucky: Owl Tree

I have been “cooking” since I was three years old. Now I cook for my two teenage sons and bake decorated cakes for family and friends. I came up with this for an online contest. It was a hoot! —Tammy Baker, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Louisiana: Gouda Mixed Potato MashTaste of Home

Louisiana: Gouda Mixed Potato Mash

Everything’s better with cheese, right? This cheesy two-potato mash is no exception. If you cube the cheese, you’ll discover delicious pockets of melted cheese throughout the dish. —Shelby Goddard, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This is why Halloween’s colors are black and orange.
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Maine: Glazed Apple-Maple BlondiesTaste of Home

Maine: Glazed Apple-Maple Blondies

My six-year-old son and I conjured up this recipe to use up the last of the apples we picked from the local apple orchard. Serve it with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream. —Heather Bates, Athens, Maine
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Maryland: Apple Corn Bread CrispTaste of Home

Maryland: Apple Corn Bread Crisp

With its hearty ingredients and quick prep time, this warm apple crisp makes a smart dessert for any fall night. It reminds me of the recipe my grandmother would serve after our big family seafood dinners. It’s absolutely wonderful topped with ice cream. —Julie Peterson, Crofton, Maryland
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Massachusetts: Scary EyeballsTaste of Home

Massachusetts: Scary Eyeballs

Kids will squeal with delight at the sight of these eyeball treats. But the peanut butter flavor is the best part! —Shannon Blatchley, Ludlow, Massachusetts. This is the reason we pass out candy on Halloween.

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Michigan: Scary Hairy Caramel ApplesTaste of Home

Michigan: Scary Hairy Caramel Apples

This is a cute and tasty version of a caramel apple. It’s perfect for a Halloween party. —Sally Sibthorpe, Shelby Township, Michigan
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Minnesota: Jack-o'-Lantern CakeTaste of Home

Minnesota: Jack-o’-Lantern Cake

I pieced two fluted tube pan cakes together to make this gap-toothed grinner that will make the best-ever centerpiece at your Halloween party. —Julianne Johnson, Grove City, Minnesota. These are the stories behind 14 common Halloween traditions.
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Mississippi: Spiced Hot Apple CiderTaste of Home

Mississippi: Spiced Hot Apple Cider

During cool-weather season, my husband and I take this soul-warming drink outside by the fire pit. Our house smells amazing while the cider is simmering! —Lisa Bynum, Brandon, Mississippi
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Missouri: Brownie SpidersTaste of Home

Missouri: Brownie Spiders

I’m absolutely petrified of real spiders. But I can make an exception for these cute ones made from chocolate. They make perfect Halloween treats. —Ali Ebright, Kansas City, Missouri
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Montana: Hot Dog Mummies with Honey Mustard DipTaste of Home

Montana: Hot Dog Mummies with Honey Mustard Dip

These flaky mummy sandwiches are instant party hits! The accompanying mustard dip adds just the right kick. Check out these fun facts you never knew about Halloween candy.
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Nebraska: Pumpkin Snack MixTaste of Home

Nebraska: Pumpkin Snack Mix

This yummy mix is so munchable, a bowl of it never lasts long. Feel free to use candy corn instead of the candy pumpkins—or a mix of both—if desired. —Shirley Engstrom, Genoa, Nebraska. We bet you didn’t know these surprising facts about candy corn.
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Nevada: Spirited SpaghettiTaste of Home

Nevada: Spirited Spaghetti

Transform this pizza-flavored pasta sauce into something spooky by adding some black food coloring to the pasta water. —Robert Smith, Las Vegas, Nevada
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New Hampshire: Gingerbread-Pumpkin Cheesecake BarsTaste of Home

New Hampshire: Gingerbread-Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

A party favorite of ours is gingersnaps and pumpkin dip. I combined those flavors for a wonderful cross between gingerbread bar cookies and cheesecake. —Kathleen Rhodebeck, Penacook, New Hampshire
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New Jersey: Gourd-geous Halloween NachosTaste of Home

New Jersey: Gourd-geous Halloween Nachos

My family loves nachos so much that I sometimes serve them for lunch. To get in the Halloween spirit, I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut out chips from pita bread. You can change the cutter shape to match any theme. —Kim Van Dunk, Caldwell, New Jersey. Check out where to spot a ghost in every state.
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New Mexico: Slow Cooker CiderTaste of Home

New Mexico: Slow Cooker Cider

There’s no last-minute rush before the party when you slowly simmer this punch. It has all the tantalizing flavors of fall. —Alpha Wilson, Roswell, New Mexico
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New York: Ghostly Chicken & Pepper PizzaTaste of Home

New York: Ghostly Chicken & Pepper Pizza

My friendly ghost pizza won’t scare folks away from your dinner table. My family loves Halloween, so we like creating fun new recipes like this one. Fill it with whatever pizza toppings you like best. —Francine Boecher, Queensbury, New York
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Ghostly Hot CocoaTaste of Home

North Carolina: Ghostly Hot Cocoa

Chocolate pudding mix is the convenient start to this clever cocoa mix. Kids of all ages get a kick out of the marshmallow ghost floating on top. —Ruby Gibson, Newton, North Carolina. Share these corny Halloween jokes around the table.
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North Dakota: Pressure-Cooker Beef TipsTaste of Home

North Dakota: Pressure-Cooker Beef Tips

These beef tips remind me of a childhood favorite. I cook them with mushrooms and serve over brown rice, noodles or mashed potatoes. Here’s one of the best Instant Pot recipes for a quick and easy dinner. —Amy Lents, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Ohio: Frankenstein Boo-ritosTaste of Home

Ohio: Frankenstein Boo-ritos

Chicken makes these burritos super kid-friendly, and it doesn’t get a lot simpler than putting them together. —Clara Coulson Minney, Washington Court House, Ohio
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Oklahoma: Jack-o'-Lantern BrowniesTaste of Home

Oklahoma: Jack-o’-Lantern Brownies

Hosting a Halloween party? Use a cookie cutter to easily cut these homemade chocolate brownies into pumpkin shapes, then give them personality with orange, black and green frosting. Our grandchildren think these are great. —Flo Burtnett, Gage, Oklahoma. This is why some people are painting their Halloween pumpkins teal.
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Oregon: Confetti Corn QuesadillasTaste of Home

Oregon: Confetti Corn Quesadillas

This easy and convenient meal is easily changed to fit any family’s picky eaters. You can even sneak in protein, dairy and veggies and the kids will never know this is relatively good for them. I try to keep a batch in the fridge for a quick and hearty lunch. —Carey Hunt, Portland, Oregon
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Anti-Vampire PotionTaste of Home

Pennsylvania: Anti-Vampire Potion

I remember making this velvety soup with my mom. Butternut squash gives it a warm color, and garlic wards off any unfriendly spirits. Try using whipping cream for an extra smooth texture. —Steven Eder, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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Rhode Island: Grilled Figgy PiesTaste of Home

Rhode Island: Grilled Figgy Pies

Delicious figs combined with maple, walnuts and creamy mascarpone make a decadent treat that’s easy to enjoy at a backyard cookout. These unique hand pies always disappear quickly. —Renee Murby, Johnston, Rhode Island. The best ghost story from every state will spook your Halloween guests.
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South Carolina: Sweet Potato HummusTaste of Home

South Carolina: Sweet Potato Hummus

With a little planning, it’s easy to whip up a batch of hummus for unexpected guests, a potluck or an after-school snack. I always bake up extra unpeeled sweet potatoes so I can quickly mash the pulp for this unexpected dip. —Mary Marlowe Leverette, Columbia, South Carolina
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South Dakota: Wiggly PumpkinsTaste of Home

South Dakota: Wiggly Pumpkins

Pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters form these festive finger snacks. My grandkids love them! —Frances Poste, Wall, South Dakota
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Tennessee: French Toast SpiralsTaste of Home

Tennessee: French Toast Spirals

These little spiral cookies taste just like French toast. They’re not too sweet, and they’re pretty enough for a Christmas cookie plate. —Ellen Riley, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
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Texas: Gruesome Greek DipTaste of Home

Texas: Gruesome Greek Dip

Guests will not be able to stop eating this savory dip. The orange color makes it natural for a Halloween party. —Gina Wilson, Austin, Texas
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Utah: Chicken & Cheddar Mummy BraidTaste of Home

Utah: Chicken & Cheddar Mummy Braid

A hearty chicken filling is the spooky surprise inside this yummy mummy braid. Each slice is like a hot sandwich with flavors reminiscent of a classic pot pie. —Lily Rose, Ogden, Utah
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Vermont: Maple Syrup PieTaste of Home

Vermont: Maple Syrup Pie

Folks in New Hampshire apparently appreciate maple syrup almost as much as we do in Vermont. When my husband and I took a road trip through New Hampshire, we discovered this pie at a number of diners and restaurants. We loved it so much we created our own version. —Laurie Herr, Westford, Vermont. Learn about some haunted house mysteries no one can explain.
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Virginia: Halloween Monster CookiesTaste of Home

Virginia: Halloween Monster Cookies

Don’t be surprised if all the monsters come out of hiding when you assemble these fun and easy treats. My kids and I made them for their classroom Halloween party one year. Their classmates loved them, and it’s now a tradition to make them every year. —Dina Crowell, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Washington: Ghostly CustardsTaste of Home

Washington: Ghostly Custards

You’ll hear shrieks of delight when these not-so-spooky pumpkin custards appear for dessert. These ghosts will be gobbled up in no time! —Suzanne Strocsher, Bothell, Washington. These Halloween movies for kids make great party viewing!
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West Virginia: Mini Martian BurgersTaste of Home

West Virginia: Mini Martian Burgers

I’m always trying to come up with fun recipes for my grandchildren. Since these mini burgers starred at their trick-or-treat party, my grandkids have been requesting them often. They love to help me make the sliders. —Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia
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FrankenguacTaste of Home

Wisconsin: Frankenguac

Play the mad scientist this year and bring a monster to life. He’s frightfully fun and delicious! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These are the best haunted houses in America.
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Wyoming: Quick Ghost CookiesTaste of Home

Wyoming: Quick Ghost Cookies

Spruce up store-bought cookies for the holiday. These are a real hit with “goblins” of all ages. —Denise Smith, Lusk, Wyoming.
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For more fun facts, costume ideas, traditions, candy inspiration, spooky entertainment, and updates on how October 31 will look different this year, check out our Halloween Guide.

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