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10 Best Jobs for Seniors

There are several jobs to choose from when making the decision to work after you've reached the traditional age of retirement. Here are ten in-demand jobs for those who want to continue working well into your golden years.

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Administrative assistant

Taking on a new job is never easy, but the National Institute of Aging shows that a significant number of retirees continue to work. If social interaction is what you crave, an administrative assistant position could be the right job for you. Both big and small businesses are looking to hire competent, dependable office staff. While the role of an administrative assistant varies depending on the setting, typical job duties include answering the phones, making appointments, fielding customer questions, filing, assisting other staff, and more. Jobs in this field can be both part-time and full-time, and the hourly pay ranges from $14 to $24 per hour (but may be higher or lower depending on where you live). (These senior athletes share the secrets to staying fit for your entire life.)

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Dog walker

Have a desire to merge your love of pets, nature, and physical fitness into one job? Then, being a dog walker could be an appropriate employment option for you. Along with flexible scheduling, dog walking has health benefits for canines and humans alike. Benefits of walking include: elevated mood, reduced blood pressure, prevention of the loss of strength and stamina, and maintaining bone density. As a dog walker, you get the benefits of increased physical activity for yourself and some playtime with your favorite neighborhood pooches. To be a well-prepared dog walker, you should have first-hand experience as a pet owner and consider training in pet obedience, first aid, and CPR. (Note: You may want to check in with your doctor to make sure you’re in adequate shape for this physically demanding job.) Rates for this service varies by region, but typically your pay should fall somewhere between $15 to $35 per walk for a single dog, with an added $5 to $10 for each additional dog you walk for an owner. (Bet you didn’t know that seniors can get these 9 things for free.)

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If you have a heart to help people, consider being a caregiver for our aging population. Job duties include (but aren’t limited to) helping them bathe, get dressed, take medications, prepare meals, do light housework, and get to scheduled appointments on time. An online article from the American Grandparents Association (AGA) states, “This job’s great if you need flexibility with your work hours, but keep in mind that it can be physically demanding–although unlike other jobs, say in retail–you don’t have to be on your feet all day.” In addition, AGA recommends checking with your state’s Board of Nursing to see if you need a certificate to be a caregiver in your area. Furthermore, they suggest caregivers get CPR certified and have a valid driver’s license. Payment for this job is specific to your region, but you can expect to receive somewhere between the federal minimum wage of $7.25 to $15 per hour. Every senior will be laughing at these hilarious old age jokes.


Tax preparer

Do you love crunching numbers or have an accounting background? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the job of tax preparers will grow as much as 13 percent by 2022, and this job comes with the added benefit of keeping your mind sharp. As reported by the National Institute of Aging, intellectually stimulating activities (like math) may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. While most taxes in the country are filed from February through April, some states have different filing dates like May or June. Plus, small businesses often file taxes quarterly, so you have options as to how many months of the year you’d like to work. Feel like you need a refresher course before taking on someone else’s taxes? Tax experts like H&R Block offer flexible, neighborhood courses (usually during the summer months) to advance your career. BLS estimates the mean hourly wage to be $17.53 for this type of work. Looking for other ways to exercise your mind? Here are six of the best brain-boosting activities.


Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll probably be self-employed and work remotely to provide technical, administrative, or social media support to a business or individual from the comforts of your own home or elsewhere. Being a virtual assistant allows for a high degree of flexibility. Since the job can be done from any location, it’s a great fit for people looking to travel. With this job, hours are often part-time, schedules are flexible, and there’s a wide range of pay for virtual assistant positions. To ensure you get the best offer, don’t undervalue your skill set or past work experiences. Check out these nine invisible job skills you might not realize you have.


Grant writer

Searching for a job that supports you and your favorite cause? Consider becoming a grant writer if you have some writing prowess. As a grant writer, you’ll research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or individuals receive grant funding to further a mission or vision. And you’ll tap into your creative side in the process (which, studies have shown, releases feel-good chemical in your brain). There are full-time, part-time, and freelance positions available in this job area, but most jobs require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Plus, many community colleges and universities offer certificate programs if you’d like develop a new set of skills or brush up on your old ones. Compensation varies for this occupation. If you’re finally ready to stop working, these are the best places in American to retire.

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Consultant or advisor

Budding entrepreneurs and companies are in search of seasoned professional to help guide them through the process of taking their ventures to the next level. AGA reports that the most popular areas looking for your know-how are finance, management, health care, and information technology. For most of these jobs, you’ll work on a per project basis. However, some part-time options may be available as well. The average pay for a consulting gig seems to be in the range of $100 to $175 per hour, but your pay may be lower or higher depending on your location and area of expertise.


Children’s tutor

For a volunteer experience that will change a young person’s life, consider tutoring a child in reading. Research has shown that children with below-average reading skills make significant gains when they have access to a quality tutor. There are several local and national programs, like Experience Corp, that will pair potential tutors with classroom teachers and help mentor students one-on-one. Plus, volunteering is good for the tutor as well. “Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer,” states the Corporation for National & Community Service. Prefer to be outside? Find out how to become a volunteer farmer.

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Customer service driver

Many car rental companies and dealerships hire customer service drivers to drive patrons from one place to another. Also, some companies need car porters to bring cars to various locations. If you like driving and prefer not to be confined to an office space, this type of work might suit you. Both full- and part-time options are available, but make sure you’re comfortable sitting for long periods of time since heavy traffic and long drives will probably keep you seated more than standing. Additionally, some weekend shifts might be required. Pay is usually between $9 to $12 per hour.

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Sales associate

When you go into a store, you’ll find sales associates of all ages. That’s because companies are searching for the most reliable, knowledgeable staff to sell to their customers. With jobs available in clothing and technology retail, housewares, health food stores, and more, there’s an assortment of settings to choose from. Job duties include helping customers locate the products they want, processing payments, stocking shelves or merchandise, and keeping the store tidy. Just be aware you may need to work nights or weekends and be on your feet for several hours each day. Many companies offer both full time and part-time hours, and the average pay is listed as $10.60 per hour by the BLS. Find out easy strategies for building trust with your co-workers.

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