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14 of the Best Apps for Becoming More Productive and Organized

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

From the best apps for organizing your home to apps for streamlining your family's schedules, we've rounded up the top digital tools to help you get on track in every aspect of your life.

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thumbtack via itunes.apple.com

Outsource your projects

If you have an ever-growing to-do list where nothing ever gets crossed off, download Thumbtack. On the marketplace of skilled professionals, you can find everything from a cleaning service for a deep house cleaning, a tutor for your kids,  a yoga instructor, or even a party planner. The app is available nationwide and users can narrow down professional based on expertise and previous reviews.

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Faster delivery for online shopping

While you can find almost everything you want on Amazon, you can’t find absolutely everything you want on the site. For those times, consider ShopRunner for expedited shipping that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Members receive unlimited complimentary two-day shipping and free return shipping on every purchase made through ShopRunner. The site partners with well-known stores and brands including Lord & Taylor, Kate Spade, and more.

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Easier trip planning

FlyingYak connects travelers across the globe to help users find everything from the small, including WiFi hot spots, to the large, including visa rules and requirements, in one handy app. You’ll find recommendations and reviews on everything from nightlife to hotels to female-friendly locales.

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Find a handyman or errand helper

For many, getting everything done on the to-do list is near impossible. That’s where TaskRabbit comes in. From finding someone to help clean out your garage to assemble furniture to pick up your dry cleaning, TaskRabbit has experts for any and every task you can dream up.

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OCR buddy via itunes.apple.com

Get organized enough to run a race—or several

Every year, people make resolutions to get in shape and get healthy. But few follow through. Want to run a 5K or half marathon? Or cross a marathon off your bucket list?  Racer Russ Blatt started OCR Buddy as a place to have all races (and all types of races) in one place to save runners time. “OCR Buddy does all the research and puts all the races into one location,” says Blatt, “An avid runner will save hours of time finding the events and even more time keeping all the details in one location.” OCR Buddy recently won Runner Up Best New OCR Product of 2016 in a poll by Mud Run Guide.

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fitrec via itunes.apple.com

Create a fitness group

FITREC is a social fitness app that connects people who enjoy similar fitness and recreational sports activities. “I’m using this app to help my entire apartment complex community to connect and get fit together,” says Annie B. Related:

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Vida Health via itunes.apple.com

Get a health coach

With Vida Health, you have access to one-on-one personal health coaching via text, voice, or video. Coaches give you expert advice on health, food planning, sleep, and motivation. “Since launching two years ago, we have seen men and women use the Vida platform to dramatically improve their health and even reverse chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension,” shares co-founder and CEO Stephanie Tilenius.

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Whilo via itunes.apple.com

Make gift giving seamless

WHILO, short for What I Love, allows users to create endless wish lists of their favorite things—then share and follow others so that you never give (or get!) a bad gift again. Think if Pinterest met Amazon and then teamed up with Facebook. “We want to avoid that moment where a user sees something they love and gets caught in a black hole of links and websites trying to find that item they loved,” shares Lindsey Miles, co-founder of WHILO.

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Cardamom via itunes.apple.com

Schedule play dates

Cardamom is just like Match.com except for moms and kids. The app brings together like minded mamas for friendships, play dates for their kids, and even professional networking. Currently it’s only available in New York City, but is expected to roll out nationwide in 2017.

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Write your travel bucket list

Explore new destinations and experiences around the world through user-generated photos on TimeSet, a social travel app. “We want to inspire people to get out, see the world and achieve their goals, whether it’s to snorkel at every Caribbean island or eat at a new restaurant each month,” says Leo Riza, founder and CEO.

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Remember that new restaurant you wanted to try

You may not associate New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony with food, but he’s one of the backers behind Wine N Dine, the new app that provides a snapshot of the top drinks, food, and menu items around the world via user-generated images taken at restaurants and searchable by city. “Friday night comes along and you’re looking for a dinner spot? Easy, just take a look at your Wanna Try hit list,” shares Mike Williams, head of product and strategy for the app. “It reminds you what to order when you’re at the restaurant too.”

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Learn a new skill

Whether you want to manage your expenses better, take better photos, or promote a small business, CreativeLive can help you do it. The app, an extension of the website, features classes taught by professionals in every field, including business and money management. Classes are available online and on-demand, at any hour of the day.

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Stay on track with your diet when eating out

It takes a of of organization to eat healthfully all the time. Thankfully OrderHealthy takes the guess work out of eating out while on a diet. The app gives you access to over 10,000 restaurants and allows you to view each menu item on a traffic-light rating system – with green being the healthiest, yellow being moderate, and red being unhealthiest. Think of this app as eating healthy for dummies.

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Help with home repairs

Why pay someone to do small DIY projects when you can learn to do them yourself? The new DIYZ app teaches homeowners how to install a USB outlet, winterize their home, build a mason jar planter, and more. The app combines step-by-step instructions along with tutorial videos and also includes an option to video chat live with a licensed expert to get professional advice for any difficulties you may come across. Check out another genius DIY app here.

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